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February 12 2009

NPH: From horrible doctor to...Superhero? According to "inside" information, Neil Patrick Harris is being considered to play The Flash in the film adaptation of the popular DC comics property.

The project has been in development shrimp dimension for ages now, with Ryan Reynolds and David Goyer originally attached, so take this "news" with a block of salt.

No, no salt! I want it! I want NPH as the Flash!

He would be a strange choice TBH but strange can sometimes be magnificent.
I share in your want of this thing. Remember though, he DID already voice the character in the animated Justice League movie, New Frontier. :)
The Flash is such a natural choice for a film, more obvious/simpler than Wonder Woman in some ways, that it puzzles me that it's taking so long. NPH would be fine i'm sure, he definitely has the right funny vibe, but i'm still clutching to my bosom the hope that the Reynolds/Goyer version isn't totally dead. Mauve as it happens BTW, the colour of the sky on my planet is mauve ;).

(and the best voice Flash is still Michael Rosenbaum IMO)
WSS, but that was Wally and also hoping that Reynolds/Goyer isn't totally dead.

Neil is an interesting choice, but to me he look more Wally West than Barry Allen. With DC's recent effort to bring back Barry Allen, I'd bet that the movie property would movie into that direction too.

The fun part about Flash is he got a more defined Rogues Gallery, almost as recognizable as Batman's, especially if compared to Wonder Woman's.

I just hope they don't go to overly comical, like that old Jack Black as Green Lantern rumor from sometime ago.
Isn't he a little bit old?
Isn't he a little bit old?

He can be Jay Garrick. ;)
Or Max Mercury, if the dyes the hair.
I just hope they don't go to overly comical...

That's my worry too Numfar, last I heard they were indeed going down almost a parody route. Now The Flash is funny and light in some ways BUT it's still a super-hero story with its own dramatic impetus and shouldn't be spoofed or parodied in any way IMO.

(as usual in these situations, JLU struck an excellent balance between the lightness and heroism of the character in several eps but particularly 'Divided We Fall' and 'Flash and Substance')
I think NPH was great in New Frontier, so I'd be all for it.
Besides, Ryan Reynolds is getting Deadpool anyway, which is awesome enough, no need for him to hog all the red tights people.
He would be awesome!
I don't really care WHAT he plays as long as he's in a movie and I get to see him on a giant screen :)

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NPH as The Flash! Hahahaha! Oh sorry, but mentally seeing NPH as the flash just makes me laugh! So I say no to NPH being the new Flash. I like my superhero movies to be just a little more serious.
If they make a Flash movie and don't steal the climax from the end of the 2nd season of Justice League Unlimited (technically 4th season of Justice League) with the Flash running around the globe then I'm going to be disappointed in the movie. Up until then the Flash always seemed kind of lame to me and then after that he became bad assed.
"Are you going to fight me boy ?"

Yeah, just a smidge, as it turns out. *geekbumps* (to quote somebody on here ;).
Hollywood often underestimates the value of serious bad guys to make the hero stand out and seem like a hero. A good super hero can be witty and even silly as long as they have a good antagonist to go up against. The recent good superhero films have all had a great antagonist.

Spiderman had Dr. Octopus , Batman had Joker, Ironman had the military industrial complex led by Jeff Bridges in a very evil beard.

Sometimes the hero is great, but the joke of the bad guy can ruin the film. Dracula in Van Helsing, Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin, Nuclear Man in Superman IV.

So I think NPH could be a great Flash as long as they team him up with a very good villain.
While I hope they do stick to at least one of the Flash story lines a bit, I hope they would allow NPH to make the role his own.

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