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February 12 2009

(SPOILER) has a sneak peak of Castle. Short video clip of Richard Castle in a poker game with writers James Patterson and ... that other guy who wrote a lot of TV shows and would show up at the end, ripping a sheet of paper off his typewriter and then it would become animated as it gently wafted down and landed on a neat stack. What is his name??

Ah ha! Stephen J. Cannell. Who was correctly identified in the same clip on
The clip works in Canada. Wow!

I think I'm gonna like this show.
If it were anyone else, I'd only have a passing interest in this, but Nathan is so great with comedy that I think it'll work well. Did anyone catch what time this will be on? It would suck if it's up against Heroes (although with the way that show has been going the past season, I might not miss it that much).

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I believe it is on opposite of Heroes. Monday at 9. Unless Heroes stops sucking, it won't be much of a choice for me.

Edit: I'm wrong. It's on at 10. But it starts on the 9th so... ok, I'm still wrong. It'll be opposite Medium. Crap!

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It's going to be on Mondays at 10, so it'll be up against CSI: Miami and Medium.
Sidearm - check. Hammer - check. Nailgun - check. My pencil is my penis?
How unfortunate, peacemonger.
The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword.
Anyone know who the woman is?
There's room for a joke about writing your name in the snow, but I'm not going to make it.
kmb i was gonna make it:)
It's a no brainer - I'll be watching Nathan. I'm so excited that he is the lead in a TV series again. Can't wait to see it!

This and Dollhouse ... I'm doing the dance of joy.
"Tell me you saw that!" LOL
I just hope they'll improve on Stana Katic's role on the show. She's the "control freak" NYPD detective who is annoyed by Castle's assistance, while everyone else is happy he's there. From the promos I've seen, she looks like she wants to keep him in jail rather than let him help with a case.
ImpalerGeneral, do you really think this show won't go the way of Moonlighting or other "will they won't they" shows? As generic as this show seems, I will still watch it.
I am so happy I have DVR. I can't wait for Castle. But I love Medium. Now I can have both.
Great! I watch CSI:Miami and have just got back to watching Medium, but guess what I'll be watching Monday nights at 10 pm starting in March? I can record one and watch the other on line, I guess.

I did see an ad for Castle the other day; unfortunately I was on the phone with the volume muted, but it still looked good.
I think the latest material I have seen is a bit less sily and fun and more run of the mill (that's the expression, right?) which is kinda sad, since I would prefer campy fun over boring procedural, but it's Nathan, so I'm going to give Castle atleast one chance and propably more.
I suspect that's just how they're spinning the promotional stuff, the actual show may well be completely unchanged.

Do we know who the female poker player is BTW ? I seem to remember some mention of a Patricia but I can't remember if it was Patricia Cornwell or another crime author called Patricia (guess that one may have fallen through and she's not an author - Stephen King was mentioned before for instance but i'dve thought they'd use him in a promo if he actually appears in the show).
I'll DVR Medium & watch Castle. I need more TV shows that have some 'campy fun' in them to balance to balance out the one with angst such as BSG.
Thrilled with joy. Will be watching.
Working at a bookstore and working the mystery section therein, I gotta say, it's fun to see these writers poke a little fun at themselves. Also, thank god they didn't get Koontz involved.
Bones had a show where someone was killing like in one of her books. I have a DVR that records 2 programs but shows are coming at me so fast I have to record on the second DVR also. Really looking forward to Numb3rs Friday 13, James Marsters will be on and it is not on at the same time as Dollhouse.
James Marsters on Num3rs? Awesome. Makes me actually glad that I'm behind a few episodes of BSG, because otherwise no way would I miss it for Numbers.

Also, this clip made me have a tiny bit of hope for the show. I'll watch the first episode for Nathan, but the advertisement makes the show look horrid. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
I thought initially the names mentioned for the poker games were Stephen King, James Patterson, Sue Grafton and .....bugger, I don't remember the last one. I don't remember it being Stephen Cannell though. Maybe it was Koontz. I'm hoping they might rotate a few people because I'd like to see Stephen King in the mix. That would be fun.

The woman at the table is neither Patricia Cornwell or Sue Grafton. After watching the clip a 3rd time, she seems to be officiating the game and she is minimized on screen and completely cut out of the conversation so I'm guessing she's just a dealer.
So writer's of tv shows can be in the poker game. Hmmm, maybe Joss will show up someday.
Only if he dresses like in Robot Chicken.

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