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February 12 2009

Dollhouse gets a forum and official recaps on TWoP. The old thread is archived there, and now we get additional sections like "Meet Market: The Communal Shower".

Looks like the recaps will be done by Couch Baron, who currently does Heroes and Mad Men. When it was still on the air, he recapped Veronica Mars.
Yay for Couch Baron! He did old Buffy too. Recapped, that is -
Ooh, I actually recognize Couch Baron. Super. I like him.
From what I've seen, Couch Baron is nice and fair and not gratuitously snarky like some other TWoP recappers. I'm glad he's the one "Dollhouse" has been assigned to.
Couch Baron is the best recapper. I'd read these if I had the energy for 50 pages per episode. I have short internet attention span.

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