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August 21 2003

Part two of Jane Espenson's ecomic 'Reunion'. "I don't feel dying. And I should know".

Very enjoyable and next week we get to read 'Jonathan'.

"Subconsciousnesses? No way that's a word." Believe it or not, it is. I love it when Dawnie gets a funny line.
I just cracked up laughing when Anya demon in her story tuened out to be a bunny.That killed me.
That was awesome! I didn't even know this site/ecomics where out there. Gonna check it out some more. Thanks for the link!
Tres awesome! And so true to S5. Thanks, Jane, and good luck in Stars Hollow.
Why didn't Willow use the phone?

On edit, I realized that almost all of the buffy episodes could have been simplified with a phone call. Less drama. Nevermind.

drama good.

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In season seven's premiere "Lessons" they gave Dawn a cellphone. I remember her using it once more in "Conversations with Dead People" and Buffy predictably had ..uhm, misplaced hers. It didn't get used much otherwise. Phones aren't all that dramatic on television.
Zachsmind, on '24,' phones have been put to good use. Jack saying goodbye to Kim while he was on the plane this past season is a really good example.
Completely different plot formula. It's almost apples & oranges, those two series. For 24 they have to squeeze in as much as they can into a short amount of time. So phones become important to allow characters who are not physically in the same room an opportunity to speak. BtVS worked on a completely different formula, from a writing standpoint. The use of phones could actually lessen the dramatic impact, and brings in too many variables. So the writers often just ignore them. Same with the police. In 24, it is useful to make them part of the story, but with Buffy they just get in the way.

By the way I stopped watching 24 after the first few episodes of the first season. Completely lost my interest after the novelty wore off. I had no interest in any of the characters and could care less what happened to them next. The writing is more focused on making the novelty aspect of the series work, and characterization is secondary. That's just my take on it. It works for other people. Perhaps someday I'll rent 24 on DVD and watch the episodes back to back some weekend. Maybe I'll change my mind then.
Anyone remember the conversation that Giles had with Buffy and Willow telling them that Angel killed Jenny in "Passion"? Guess what. It was on a phone. And very dramatic. ASH said that they had the phones actually hooked up so they could act off the others reactions. Cool huh?
You couldn't hear what they were saying, though, hellfire. Thus increasing the emotional bits and pieces.

on edit: iirc, it was through the window, so, probably through the eyes of Angelus.

[ edited by stavrogin on 2003-08-22 22:15 ]
I read an interview where ASH said that and had to laugh. it was a dramatic moment FOR HIM. In my recollection it was a weak way of ending the episode. We were looking through Angelus' eyes in POV, and the reaction felt real among the girls, but the drama Giles' felt over the phone didn't carry over sufficiently to the audience. It's like a director spending millions of dollars in getting a set to look like the real thing, and then only filming one interior of the expensive set. If it looks like the real thing show us the whole thing. If you pay for the van, use it in the shot.

Again, I don't buy the use of a phone being more of an impact than had they actually told ASH to walk into the set, hit a mark and talk to the girls and then we'd see their reactions with HIS reaction right there in the room. That would have been a more dramatic moment. The phone distanced Giles from the girls and it distanced us from the drama of the moment. Perhaps this is what the director was going for, since we were in Angelus' POV. We were distanced from it. Like voyeurs. May have been in keeping with the script, but it was a weak choice.
For whatever it's worth, I think the choice of showing Willow and Buffy's reactions to Jenny's death from the voyeuristic perspective of the killer was both brilliant and effective, "subtling up" the melodrama while retaining the necessary emotional wallop.

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