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February 12 2009

Exclusive interview with Harry Lennix. In-depth conversation with the lucky, lucky man who gets to play Eliza/Echo's 'handler' on "Dollhouse."

So, Joss directed two episodes. "Ghost" and the finale, presumably?

(Was there any confirmation anywhere about the finale being named "Epitaph One"?)

I like Harry Lennix more and more with every interview. He seems to be quite aware of everything that happens, and it's nice to see actors be so involved in the storytelling.
I believe Joss actually directed one of the episodes in the middle, but I could be wrong. I hope he did the finale, but I'm sure he's heavily involved with every episode, so I don't really mind if he didn't.
The interview was likely conducted while they were still filming and held for publication closer to airdate. Perhaps Mr. Lennix meant Joss Whedon had directed two episodes *so far* at the time of the interview.
We as fans need to fulfill his "are you in Dollhouse?" random-street-question. ;)

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