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February 12 2009

The Guild and Dr. Horrible Posters up for auction. Felicia Day has donated posters from the Guild and Dr. Horrible for Charity:Water event being held tonight in Los Angeles.

Twestival Los Angeles is taking part in an 180-city, 100% volunteer fundraiser for Charity:Water that provides fresh, clean water to countries in need. Appearances by Felicia and other entertainers. The event is tonight. See site for event details in your area.

Is it weird that the site asks for your twitter password or am I just extra paranoid today?
Do you mean the la twestival site?
Felicia gave me one of those Dr. Horrible posters as a thank you for letting her film some of The Guild at my apartment complex.
I never felt the urge to have a collection of my fav's movie posters.

I NOW have that urge.


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