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February 12 2009

(SPOILER) Q & A with Enver Gjokaj. The LA Times continues its 'Countdown to Dollhouse' with this new interview.

I really hope he can pull of a Russian accent... it bothers me when 'generic Eastern Europeans' actors play Russians just because. Not saying that's the case with Enver though.

Also how else would one pronounce Lubov?
What are the odds that two actors (Enver, Eliza) with significant Albanian heritage are featured as regulars in the same U.S. TV show? Isn't being of Albanian heritage in the U.S. kinda rare? Or am I very, very wrong?

Also: Huh. His role really has changed from that original pilot script. Or has it?
I'm not an expert on Russian accents, but he sounds pretty good in the one clip that was released.

According to this, there were 113,661 people in the US of Albanian descent. With a total population of 281,421,906. That's means Albanians are about .004 percent of the total US population. New York, where Enver's from has the highest Albanian population, and Boston, where Eliza's from, has the third highest. The Albanian population in each of those accounts for less than 1% of the state's population.

So, uh...yeah, it's pretty rare.
Since Joss' number one favorite thing about Dollhouse is the casting, I'm very pleased to see interviews popping up with more than just the big names. Joss has always been very good about giving unknown actors really interesting roles and great chances to showcase nuances of acting that they might not get elsewhere. And we on Whedonesque have an interesting way of following these actors' careers far past their Whedon-y roots.

So thank you very much for posting this, the interview was quite interesting. He's clearly an articulate guy and I'm looking forward to seeing him and all the other unknown actors. I am such a huge fan of Eliza, so of course I'm going to watch it for her, but the ensemble is always quirky and fascinating and often the most interesting part of a Whedon show.
Now say Nuclear Wessels.

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