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February 12 2009

For You Guys. I'll check this in 30 minutes and pick five questions to answer.

I'll have to be brief, but since I'm talking to everyone that should include you.

How are you going to get to sleep tonight? :)

That's assuming you're a wee bit excited.

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What song is stuck in your head right now? Will there be Dollhouse comics? Why is Amy Acker so cute? Will there be a puppet musical episode of Dollhouse? Do you think Batman is dead?
Ahhh, the pressure! Umm.. umm... I know Dollhouse is finished filming the original order of episodes. What I want to know is did you end it on a note where it could be considered complete, like the first season of Buffy?
Are you an Active, Joss?
If i can get the link to load I will be all over this, once I know what kind of questions your fielding that is (I am channeling the zombie princess...load!). Ha pretty funny redeem147.
When there's a fight scene in a show do you put in the script everything that happens in the fight, or is that all done by the director?
Will Jayne's hat be making a guest appearance on 'Dollhouse'?
Tina, the link is just to here. In other words, ask here, and Joss will pick five and answer them, here.
What role will Felicia Day play on Dollhouse?
How's the Dr. Horrible's sequel coming?
How do you feel about the final cylon on Battlestar Galactica?

BTW, thanks for doing this! You're too good to us!
Do you ever watch some of your own work when you want to relax? Like Oh man today was so rough, i could really use some Buffy right about now. Fridays a firefly day.

is that just us?
In what order will Dollhouse air (i.e. episode titles)? Thanks! Love you!

What all Whedonverse actors are appearing in this season of Dollhouse?

Do you or Fox have any plans for a TSCC/Dollhouse crossover? By the way, what do you think of the Grindhouse-style promo for TSCC/Dollhouse?

Love you!
Was Helo your favorite Battlestar Galactica character?

He sure was mine. I was cheering him on during his boxing match with little Lee.
Hmmmmmm. Do you think in Dollhouse's case, Fri. the 13th AND a full moon will be auspicious rather than the usual mayhem? Okay, fake question.

What's the one thing you hope viewers will take away from the first season of Dollhouse? (And Dear Joss, I hope for great success). :-)
Is the inestimable Jonathan M. Woodward going to guest star on Dollhouse? And where does your awesome come from, Joss? Because I'm...not...going to steal it or anything. No sirree.
Why do you write strong horse-y characters? Bad Horse, the trio of horses in the episode "Serenity" are a few of the great horses you wrote? (This question has been rattling in my brain for at least a year, sad isn't it?)

But really, if you weren't a writer in Hollywood, what would you probably be doing as a career?

ETA again: Thank you for doing this.

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whoa it's Joss!!! Um um, what has been your favorite issue of the comic so far?
[I've just realized I'm going to make a really lousy reporter because I can't think of any good questions. Maybe I should change majors.]

What should viewers of Dollhouse be thinking -- or what would you like for them to be thinking -- by the end of the premiere episode (beyond "That was good and I'll tune in next week")? What sorts of questions should we be asking after the episode is over?

From media reports it sounds like the process of getting Dollhouse on the air has been turbulent. How does it feel to have reached the premiere date? Is this something special or is it just another day for you?

Thanks for doing this for us.
Any plans to have Jonathan Woodward and/or Carlos Jacott on Dollhouse? |-)~

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Please don't answer that last one, everyone will be mad at me.

What will you be doing next week?

You Rock, sir.
Since you've been talking so much about returning to the internet recently, do you see yourself continuing to do mainly one-offs like Dr. Horrible? Or could you imagine yourself doing an ongoing, longer series?
Hi Joss!!

Okay, so I am a big fan of ALL of your work, but probably most prevalently your contributions to X-Men!

I was wondering a few things:

A: Who is your favorite all time X-Men character (Mine's Gambit or Storm.. always divided)

B. What is your favorite story arc be it one you wrote or not, and did you read the comics growing up?

What aspect of the completed season are you most excited about right now?
Are you or are you not, sir, implanting secret mind-control messages in each episode of Dollhouse? If so, for what nefarious purpose, and can we help?
You are so awesome for doing this! Thank you!

What do you have to say to those critics who've reviewed the first couple of episodes of 'Dollhouse' who thought Eliza's acting wasn't quite up to snuff?

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Can you get James and/or Juliet to appear on Dollhouse?
Hello Joss - Do you have a favorite musical that your father or grandfather wrote lyrics for? Or an already-in-existence musical you'd have liked to have written lyrics for?

What was Liam's last name? Please? Since the shows ended, you've given both Faith and Kendra surnames (even though the latter said she didn't have one), but not Angel's days of yore human self.

Hmm, and while you're at it, I suppose, what was William's?

Edit: Oh, and this is something I made for my brother's birthday, but I think you deserve to see it, since without your mad genius, it would not have been possible.

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Thanks for doing this Joss! I'll take a chance:

Besides the fact that you created the show, which has an awesome premise, and Eliza... why should I (and everybody else here) watch Dollhouse?
Break a leg!

If the 'house is successful and Fox begs you to relight the Firefly, will you?

The Tivo is all ready.
Is Topher an artist?
What do you like to read when staffing? Any shows you never want to read again? Open to features at all?

Also, what's your favorite recipe for butternut squash soup?

Dollhouse's each episode will be as independent as possible, but just like most of your shows, there's a longer arc or theme that goes through the whole season. What would are some of the random keywords that could define the 1st season of Dollhouse?

Which actor, which has never been in one of your productions, and you'd really wanted to get before, and actually got to work with during the 1st season of Dollhouse?

Does this time around feel any different? I mean, being back on TV with Dollhouse (which completed filming for the 1st season already) compared the experience when WB debuted Buffy (which if I remember right was done or almost done filming by the time of the premiere)?

Tks Joss, let's keep on the countdown.
Hey Joss!
Any chance of having James Marsters guest star on Dollhouse?
Do you ever hang out on BSG fansites and obsess on them, in the grand circle of fannishness?
What are you doing for Valentine's Day? It's Saturday, so in case you've forgotten there's still time to plan.
What do you think was Buffy's greatest moment as a character? We debate this all the time and would love to know how you feel.
Do you have any sort of method or routine when it comes to writing? Do you spread it out over time or do you wait until the last second like I do?
Hey Joss!

I have a question about identity in Dollhouse...

Do you believe that identity is something inherent, or that is culturally inscribed -- or both? Furthermore, given that the Actives are inscribed with real memories, and they actually become the person whose memories they are imprinted with, what are the moral ramifications of essentially "killing" these identities at the end of each mission? Will this be addressed?

Sorry if that was kind of ramblesome.
Why am I still awake?
You're known for the roles you create for strong yet vulnerable women. Having said that, if you were an elk, would Eliza say your steaks were more on the tough or tender side?
Why am I still awake?

Maybe you aren't.
lol thanks BiX I kept thinking, "that can't be right" there must be rules, like it has to be about Dollhouse.
So Joss I have caught your interviews on NPR and as a feminist I admit from the beginning pitch here on Whedonesque I have been very ambivalent about the premise of Dollhouse. From the title I think of a doll house as a place to keep empty headed play things. I like the way that cleverly fits with your concept but I have my doubts that that many viewers will find more then gratuitous support for the male gaze and male fantasy material and in a year where we have learned there has been a huge up sweep in violence against women here in America, I worry about how culture leads. Could you take a moment and pick out a few things with-in Dollhouse that in some episodes might support a dialog in opposition to sexism that we can think about as the conversation and dialog you are hoping Dollhouse might provoke begins to take shape. Thanks
Can I morally watch the show over the internet, given the result of the writer's strike?
Now that you've got four shows, what will you call someone who appears in all of them, as "hat trick" no longer really fits?
Are you stressing about how Dollhouse will do? And if not, is this due to your recently stated preference of internet productions now and into the future?
Now that you've got four shows, what will you call someone who appears in all of them, as "hat trick" no longer really fits?

Hey Joss, assuming Dollhouse gets picked up for another season, how far in advance do you plot the show? Do you have ideas or arcs sketched out for next season? The next 5 seasons?

Thanks so much for doing this, I can't wait till tomorrow!
if you were an elk, would Eliza say your steaks were more on the tough or tender side?

I heart you, Frass!
Hah, C.A.Bridges. Or possibly, "contortionist."

Cheers for this, Joss. Looking forward to your answers, but more especially, to you having a new show on for the first time in, well, too long.
Joss....(I'm back)

You are a visionary genius and a true inspiration to lametards like me who dream of screen writing or perhaps a wild imaginary novel in my far off tomorrows.

I wonder where you find your inspiration coming from and if it ever involves the ingestion of 'special' brownies of any sort? Perhaps there is a specific type of music that really gets your juices flowing?

and in the most final (and probably absolute) question:

Jaylee (Jayne/Kaylee) was in my humble and lowly opinion one of the most adorable and highly prospective ships in any fandom ever.

If firefly had been allowed to continue, do you think you might have pursued it, and what do you think it might have looked/sounded like?

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Do any of your mysterious internet ideas involve long-form storytelling? Because I so love your long stories. (Don't get me wrong--loved Dr. H, too.)

Oops! Same question as merr22. (See? At least 2 inquiring minds want to know.)

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Why doesn't Willow just magnify the orb of Thesulah spell and soul every vampire in the verse?
Do you feel you've been pigeonholed as a geek writer? Whether it's sci-fi or superheroes, these genres tend not to garner the respect (read:awards) that other let's say more realistic genres do. Does that bother you? Would you ever consider writing something more in the vein of The Wire?
Oh, and: we've all heard the idea of a "Spikemovie" batted around, but has any thought been given to an Andrewmovie? Or perhaps a series, "Andrew: Slayer of the Vampyrs"?
What's the best question no one here has asked?
Joss, first of all, thank you so much for bringing such great stories our way.

Two Questions:
1. Will the original pilot ("Echo") for Dollhouse ever see the light of day for us fans (possibly on the DVD of the 1st season)?
2. Which episode of Dollhouse would you say stands out to you the most (your favorite episode)?

Thank you for your time!
How much time per day do you devote to various aspects of creating Dollhouse?

What other film and TV writers would you like sit down with for a beer and a chat?

What's the longest you've had a story idea germinating in your head before you managed to get it out into the world somehow?

What superpower do you want?

Which TV personalities could you beat in a fight?

There's a young man or woman, reading your answers, with their own dreams of creating a television drama or writing a film and generally being as awesome as you are. Anything you'd like to say to him/her?

Is there anyone you'd like to call up and blow raspberries at?

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Joss, do you think you might (you might already have, obviously we don't know yet) use the topic of religion in Echo's life, or the other actives' lives, perhaps not so much a vehicle of self-discovery, but more as an exploration into human emotion and the notion of being motivated by religion to commit acts or respond emotionally?

To me, anyway, it seems that in Echo's process of self-awareness, she may desire emotions of her own that aren't programmed or given.

Would Echo explore a desire to understand religion, and why people have faith in something untouchable, or to understand emotional response or thought motivated by religious beliefs?

Thank you so very much for spending time with us!

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It's gonna take half an hour to read all the posts :)

If when we watch it, we love it, what are the best things to do to get the word out?

Also, if residuals from the interwebs are not that good, is it worth thinking about a donate-scheme to supplement them? I prefer watching online, I'd be happy to donate a few dollars for each show I enjoy watching if there was an easy way to do that. It hurts me that my preferred watching method is less equitable.
How has the show changed from the idea you had during your lunch with Eliza Dushku to what will air, if it has?

*manly man hug*
Do you have any idea how long I've been scratching my head trying to come up with something clever and unique enough to get picked? Ah, what the heck -- who cares about getting picked. I care that you care about us fans; that means a heckuva lot, Brownie. Thank you for the work that you do -- just never stop doing it, please!
1) Which (if any) changes to "Dollhouse" you've made since the pilot do you feel are an improvement over the original format?
2) Does Alan Tudyk really have a recurring role on "Dollhouse"?
3) Any chance of Echo or one of her compatriots encountering the Rental Car guy from "Veronica Mars"?

Whether or not you answer these, thanks for doing this!
ok one more. What aspect of Dollhouse are you most proud of?
Hey SpookyJayne, we don't sign our comments here. Cheers.

And I think members should restrict themselves to one bite at the question apple, if possible. Otherwise, JW will be up all night with this mishegoss. And tomorrow is a big day . . . ;-)
Out of all of the characters you have worked with over the years who's story arch has pleased you the most?

Also thank you for doing this.
SNT, I'm just asking my extra (and trouble-making) questions over on Twitter. ;)
I want to ask about the Cabin in the Woods... but I fear misinformation. :(

Joss: Thank you for taking the time to do this! I can't wait until tonight! <3
Do you realize I have to be up in 6 hours? A little chop chop action would be nice.
Just out of curiosity, is the glass half empty or half full?
Also, one more question, I know you have time constraints! Will Kennedy be showing up in Dollhouse just to torture (all over again) my friend Bobbi?
Do the dolls dream?
I'm really curious about the internet development deal you're making that got mentioned recently. Can you share any more information about that, or more generally about your plans for future internet productions?
Funny story, I happened to turn the radio on this afternoon, just in time to hear the fine, fine tones of Mr. Whedon being introduced on NPR. Highlight of my day.

Anyway, a question. Joss- just how awesome is it to rock as hard as you do, every day? Also, exhausting?
The people on your shows always seem to bond very well together, especially with Firefly from where I'm sitting, you guys were just one big family by the end of it, as has been documented. Are you getting a similar feeling from Dollhouse?

Also, a follow up: if you guys are feeling like a big family now, who is the grandpa saying embarrassing things all the time?
Whoa... Lot of Buffy-centric questions here.

Just thought I'd chime in and state the obvious...
Getting Dollhouse to this point must have been a very long process. What aspect of the outcome are you most proud of?
Who exactly did put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp?
Thanks Kishi... I think that's the real question we all want answered here ;)

And I think I'll raise you a Does it hurt?
Do you have any other movie projects on your mind?
Have you secretly ever wanted to be a florist?
What are the chances of anyone from Dollhouse promoting the show in Peoria, IL? I mean, the President was promoting his stimulus plan there today so it must have some redeeming qualities. People on the coasts get to see you guys, show some love to those of us in the midwest.
If I wanted to pay for an Active for business purposes is that tax-deductible?
Are you going to put coed showers in all your future works?
Has an actor ever flipped out on set while you were directing like Christian Bale apparently did in Terminator: Salvation? And if so, were you done professionally, man?
timeerkat, I would want to know if he was ever like Giles and wanted to be a grocer or fighter pilot.
Hey Joss,

See, this is so hard, as we all scramble to ask you a question you'll pick, we must decide, is he looking for insightful, clever, fandom-insider, or outright outrages question. Care to give a preference?

Sorry *deepblush*

Ty for your time Joss <3
Joss, to what extent does the Dollhouse premise allow you to continue the questions you were going to pursue in the original River Tam arc of Firefly? (That is, I've always been struck by the similarities between Echo and River--both mindwiped, both seeking to reintegrate their personalities).

And--a followup--what interests you particularly in that story (which, of course, we've seen in various forms before in the Buffyverse--one thinks of Glory's wiping of Tara, for an example).
The comic continuations of Buffy and Angel are at two competing publishing houses and the stories are being approached in different ways. Buffy is one giant story all linked together for a greater purpose while Angel is being told in a multiple, separate mini-series format. Any thoughts on the affect of this different approach to the stories individually and with each other? Is this similar to the situation where Buffy and Angel were on separete networks, UPN and the WB?
How does coping with your excitement and stress tonight differ from when your other shows premiered in the past? From when Serenity came out in theaters?

Do you have a method for coping now that you've done it a few times?
ETA cuz I forgot I had an actual Dollhouse related question floating around for sometime... heh (everything above was all in jest, so I'm just gonna delete it)
If I remember correctly, Eliza knows ASL (American Sign Language) and interprets occasionally. Have you ever thought of utilizing that skill in an episode?

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Do you realize sometimes you plagiarize my dreams?
Why not HBO or Showtime, or some other place that would maybe let you work with fewer restrictions? Have you ever pitched them an idea?
What won't we see in the premiere?

Also, what is something unimportant that we will see, worded obscurely enough that it won't make sense until we're watching?
First, best of luck for Friday night!
Second, my question is there a particular actor you would like to work with someday?
What won't we see in the premiere?

The content of the other twelve episodes. ;)
Lots of good questions, but I'm seriously considering editing out some of the chaff here - let's try to stick to those that are at least somewhat likely to be answered, OK?
30 minutes have long since passed by!

Can you invite me to come to the set and watch some live action just to sit in great elation?
Of the many Actors, Writers and Directors that have worked with you in the past , who would you love to work with on Dollhouse?(who you havent already done so)
What's your favorite type of hat?
In a year and a third I've been excited, but never antsy for Dollhouse. Always been calm and patient. It's now been an hour since Joss posted this, and I'm antsy as all heck to see what he answers and what the answers are! Granted, 30 minutes to review and answer isn't a whole lot of time...
So awesome, Joss! I totally couldn't think of anything sensible or intelligent when you were signing at the NYC Apple Store...also I could tell that you were kind of pooped by then.

I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but were you and in what ways were you influenced by the original Doctor Who series, and how do you feel about the new version of the series and the fact that Russell T. Davies says that he has been greatly influenced by your work?
Hi Joss,

I was excited to hear that Felicia will be on an episode of Dollhouse at some point. Can you please not kill her this time?
What are your thoughts on the Kitty Pryde of the Ultimate Marvel Universe?

Also, good luck tomorrow! Can't wait!
Darn, I missed it.

Just for the fun of it, I'll ask anyway. Joss, if you could host the Muppet Show, which muppet would duet with you?
Well, to be precise, he said he'd pick five questions after 30 minutes, not that he'd answer them within that time . . . so one hopes Joss is now formulating the answers to the questions he picked earlier.
Ooh! I like the Muppet question.
Yeah, if he deigns to pick one question asked after the 30-minute mark as a kind of bonus, I vote for that Muppet Show question.
If I'm ever famous, I want thatweirdgirl to interview me.
That's what I meant SNT, that he'd had 30 minutes to review the questions and answer by the time I mentioned it, as it had been 60 minutes since his post. But 30 minutes to review and answer the previous 30 minutes' questions isn't much time.
We were all surprised by the Rolling stones interview : did they catch you on a sad day or did they edit to make it sound like you we were really pessimistic ?
We are all fans of the internet microstudio idea : do you think it's going to happen ? What kind of projects will you achieve thanks to this media (one-shots or series, for example) ? Will those projects be connected to already existent franchises, like a Buffy animated series or a Firefly reunion ?
I would have asked about the TSCC/Dollhouse crossover, but it's already done.
Q: How do you feel about the way Dollhouse is being marketed? I'm seeing a lot of naked Eliza and an obligatory ass shot or two, which, to me, does not seem to be the essence of The Joss. An indication of the kind of titilation themes to be explored in the show, or completely out of your hands?

Also, hi. Haha.
Are Sarah and Eliza in fact the same person? Have YOU ever seen them in a picture together?
When can we expect to see zombies in this awesome new series? How many zombies will there be, on a scale of one to a whole bunch?

I tend to get overlooked for these sorts of things. If I'm going to be passed over, at least my question will be interesting. :)
Are you or your brothers going to crash Castle's wrap party?
I knew you were cold, man... but Lockheed and Kitty was ICE cold. I hope you can return to X-Men someday, because you and Cassaday were the best.

Any chance Cassaday could come over for a guest issue on Buffy?
How do you feel about the Angel comics beyond After the Fall, like Aftermath and the Drusilla two-shot, and Brian's new Spike series?
Knowing how "thorough" your fans are, does it surprise you that Alan Tudyk's involvement in Dollhouse didn't sneak out into the www sooner?

And would you like me to bring you some TimTams when I come to LA next month? heh

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How is working in television different now than it was when Buffy began?

Does the last episode of Dollhouse provide any sense of closure?

What would you consider the primary differences between working in television, movies, comics, and mushortios? How has each work lent itself to its particular medium?

Would you have any writerly advice for writing sharp dialog and bending/avoiding common story-telling cliches?

Thanks for all your hard work and amazing shows over the years!
Will the first episode have more explosions or leather pants?
With the huge success of the ELE application videos, if and when you do more Dr. Horrible, would you create another opportunity for more fan videos?
I know it's way past the deadline and you probably won't even see it, but do you sometimes look out over that huge set and just ... freak out a little?
Joss, do you remember that $50 you owe me?

/Worth a shot.
do you sometimes look out over that huge set and just ... freak out a little?

I do that when I wake up sometimes, just looking at the day.
Thanks for sticking around after the event at the Apple Store on Tuesday. It was hugely appreciated!

I know you've said how much Sondheim has influenced you in your work. If you had thirty minutes with the guy, what are the kinds of questions you would ask him? And in those thirty minutes, if you had to choose an episode of a show of yours to show him, what show/ep would you choose?
Is 'Into the Woods' the best musical ever?
^EDIT^ Grr someone JUST beat me to it!

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What role will Felicia Day play on Dollhouse?

A tough yet tender freedom-fighter in a post-apocalyptic future, DUH.

Okay, that one doesn't count.

What aspect of Dollhouse are you most proud of?

I'm gonna go with the casting. I'm enormously proud of the ensemble we put together. They're all very different and gave us more than we'd hoped for, while filming everything out of order and never once carping. There's gonna be some love. There's gonna be some shipping. I might have accidentally shipped.

Out of all of the characters you have worked with over the years who's story arc has pleased you the most?

For a long term arc, you can't beat Wesley Wyndham-Price. Talk about empowering a geek! I also have special love for Anne, formerly (among other things), Chantarelle. I didn't realize till after the fact how much her story owed to "A Little Princess".

If residuals from the interwebs are not that good, is it worth thinking about a donate-scheme to supplement them? I prefer watching online, I'd be happy to donate a few dollars for each show I enjoy watching if there was an easy way to do that. It hurts me that my preferred watching method is less equitable.

I think donation or subscription -- or just budgeting through pre-sale -- models are kind of interesting. The guild was fan-financed its first season -- one of the internet structures I'm investigating could be similar. The more direct connection between the fan and the artist, the better. It would be fun to announce a project with and actor and THEN find out what the budget was based on the fans.

Which episode of Dollhouse would you say stands out to you the most (your favorite episode)?

Well, "Man on the Street", our episode six, was the ep that really seemed to bring everything together. I've never written faster or more easily. Having said that, my favorite eposides of my own shows are usually Tim Minear's, and he's still in editing, so...

Also, the last one is bonkers.

Do you feel you've been pigeonholed as a geek writer? Whether it's sci-fi or superheroes, these genres tend not to garner the respect (read:awards) that other let's say more realistic genres do. Does that bother you? Would you ever consider writing something more in the vein of The Wire?

I've planted myself firmly where I am. I like them genres. I like 'em all. A tough cop drama belongs to somebody like David Simon who actually knows about tough cops. (His Book Homicide, on which they based the series, is one of my favorites ever.) I like things a little bigger than life. Or smaller, but only if they were really small, and had to fight the cat.
Joss, I don't have a question, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Comic-Con panel with you and Tahmoh, and I can't wait to see Dollhouse. I also want to thank you for introducing me to Battlestar Galactica, which until I read how much you loved it and how you cast Tahmoh in Dollhouse, I had no idea about. I now love the show, though like your shows, I wish it wouldn't make me so very sad sometimes! (I just watched the episode "Sometimes a Great Notion"). And if I may say, a very Whedonesque episode, in the best way!

But it is a sad in a good way, in that the sadness causes brilliant TV. After crying to the season finale of Angel over the winter (I'm a late comer to the Whedonverse, just being introduced to Firefly a year ago, then quickly watching Buffy and Angel, but I'm glad I was in time to see Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse!), I have realized that shows that shows that shy away from being as brutal and honest and sometimes depressing like your shows just can't cut it for me anymore, though I am glad for the wit and brilliance between the tears. Which is why I'm looking forward so very much to tomorrow, with TSCC and Dollhouse.

So to sum up, thanks!
You have plenty of questions to answer already, and I'm content with getting those answers, and most everyone asked what I could think of right now. :) But I wanted to take the opportunity - in hopes that you might see this when looking over the questions - to say THANK YOU for everything you do! You're the awesomest, Joss! We love you!
And is 42 really the answer for everything?

I'm 44, so not anymore.

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Thanks for staying up so late and for making art that matters!

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WOOOO Thanks Joss!

Now get some sleep!
Which of your shows are you the most proud of?

Is morality relative or absolute? And is whether an act is good or bad based on the act itself or its consequences? (Fairly left field question, I know, but it seems to me that the premise of Dollhouse directly raises it)

Do you read or watch much non-genre fiction and, if so, can you name some of your favourites? And can non-genre fiction affect you as much as genre fiction?
I can't think of anyone else who would take the time to do what you just did. THANK YOU and here's to a weekend of awesome Dollhouse-ness [and BSG-ness]!
I think he answered the five, Let Down. ;)
Oh damn, I was posting as Joss was.

Thankyou for the answers Joss and thanks for being much more awesome than sliced bread
Thanks for coming out into these vast interwebs, Joss! It was great to hear from you. :-)
Thank you. You are the bomb. The funny, inspiring, heart-warming bomb.
Thanks, Joss!
And is 42 really the answer for everything?

How many roads must a man walk down?

What's six times seven?
Yeah, "Homicide" was an amazing book. Well, cool to know we have that in common!
Thanks Joss! I can't wait for

Think it's time for bed.
Great and insightful answers, Mr. Whedon. You really are connected with your fans.
Is it true that you were considering bringing back Oz for the last seasons of Buffy and Angel? But that you couldn't because of budget reasons? And if true will Oz's upcoming comic book arc use any of those storylines? Thanks, Can't wait for Dollhouse!
Awesome! Joss Whedon answered my question! (True, it was a joke-y answer and then he went on to answer 5 other questions, but still.) My favorite writer/director/all-around-awesome-guy answered MY fan question... I can die happy now.

Thank you, Joss, for taking the time to do that. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night! (Or tonight technically for me, since it's 1am).
Oh noes. Joss just spelled it Wesley Wyndham-Price. Why?! Poor Wes. He got the greatest story arc, but his last name will forever be in flux. Does this mean Wes was the first Active with a forever changing identity?
There's gonna be some shipping.

Yes, but it's Topher shipping with his own hair.
Our next answer will come in the form of a new episode.

I was kinda hoping to get the skinny on the Muppet thing...
Thanks for taking the time to indulge your adoring fans, Joss! Can't wait till tomorrow night!
"Is it true that you were considering bringing back Oz for the last seasons of Buffy and Angel? But that you couldn't because of budget reasons? And if true will Oz's upcoming comic book arc use any of those storylines? Thanks, Can't wait for Dollhouse!"

I'm pretty sure I can be Joss for this one. Yes, it's true they wanted to bring Oz in at the end of Buffy season 7 but couldn't afford it. Yes, they talked about bringing Oz into Season 6 of Angel but it was more of an idea and the issue never arose (cancellation and all that). No idea whether they're using any of that for the comics but I very much doubt it
Thanks for the answers and the entertainment

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Dollhouse banners are on the front page at Aint it Cool news...that has *never* happened before, then I come here and THIS!! I'm so exicted for tomorrow ~twirling~
Yes, but it's Topher shipping with his own hair.



Thanks for taking the time to do this, Joss! Much love.
"For a long term arc, you can't beat Wesley Wyndham-Price. Talk about empowering a geek! I also have special love for Anne, formerly (among other things), Chantarelle. I didn't realize till after the fact how much her story owed to "A Little Princess".

I was SO delighted to read this, because Wes' arc was my all time favorite (even though I started out haaaaaating him on Buffy), and I loved Anne too. Awesomeness.

Joss, thank you so much for sharing your time and brain with us! I really enjoyed your thoughtful comments.
Thank you, Joss! Now I'm off to watch my dvr of Eliza on Conan O'Brien. :)
That was really nice of you to do that, thank you and good luck with Dollhouse.
snot monster from outer space,

I do not believe River was every mindwiped.


We should be able to purchase Dollhouse episodes on itunes and
Amazon after it airs.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2009-02-13 08:18 ]
Anonymous1 said:

We should be able to purchase Dollhouse episodes on itunes and
Amazon after it airs.

Thanks for the links.

I think though, that the residuals for those are akin to DVDs and/or internet viewings - which, under the terms agreed after the strike, give the writers a very poor amount of the profit. It irks me that the way I want to see it doesn't give a fair amount to the creators. I watched the Guild, and donated because I wanted more, and I knew it was going to the creators.

[ edited by shinygroovyj on 2009-02-13 08:27 ]
Dude, he loves HOMICIDE! Joss, sir, you never cease with the amazing. Good luck with Dollhouse.
It irks me that the way I want to see it doesn't give a fair amount to the creators.

Mutant Enemy needs an Amazon Associates ID, so that it gets a cut from anyone who subscribes to Dollhouse's video on demand there. ;)

(Do the Associates IDs work with the video on demand links?)
Damn British time-zone! Looks like I'll have some good reading material for later today.
What are the chances that a perpetual motion machine will become a reality in our lifetimes?
Is it everything you thought it'd be? (Your life, your work, your love).
Thank you Joss for taking time to directly connect with your fans. I've never seen that done before and that's one of many reasons you are much loved and respected.

My box of popcorn is all ready for tonight. :)
Late to the party, as usual.

Finds a nice, thick beam supporting the ceiling and proceeds to thud her head against it.

Not that you're still lurking, or even likely to look this far down, but...I still gotta ask:

1.) If Faith had been around when Sweet dropped by, what would her song have been about/called, and what style of music would she've sung in? (Yeah, I just rewatched OMWF for the umpetytrillionth time. And Fury's Behind-the-Scenes vid.)

2.) Do you ever listen to any of the music used on the shows? (Chris Beck's instrumental work, any of the artists who performed at the Bronze, the OMWF soundtrack, etc) If so, what's your favorite piece/song?

3.) Did you come up w/all the episode ideas for "Dollhouse" on your own, or did fan suggestions/speculations influence you at all? If you "borrowed" an idea, would you somehow acknowledge that person?

4.) What's your favorite line from any of your characters?

5.) Will you be at the head of the torches-and-pitchforks angry mob hunting down the FOXenstein monster if "Dollhouse" gets canned before its time?

Ok, just kidding on that last one. Sort of. A bit.

My real #5 is...

5.) Would you ever cast an "ordinary looking" person as an important character (That DOES NOT get killed) in one of your works?

On a side note - I could swear Randy Jackson said someone's audition was "banoonoos" but I read somewhere online what he said was "bnoodles," which is just...lame.
The Wes-arc is my favorite too.
Thank you Joss :)
Now Im even more envyous of everyone living in a country that will actually air the show ;)
what's your favourite episode so far?
I'm late as well, as I was off listening to the fresh air interview (awesome). Oh well, my question was kind of spoilery anyway.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, Joss. It's really wonderful that you respect your fans so much. I hope you have long since left and are off dreaming slightly dark and wonderful things.

Is it still break a leg if you're speaking to a writer about TV? Well, anyway, good luck or the non-jinxing equivalent.

Is there an Amazon Associates ID on when you click on Available now on! There is extra stuff in the link.
Yes, that is an Amazon Associates ID in there.
Wow. I am totally non-wheat chaff, but I thought that was a very considerate thing for you to do. Shame about the muppet omission.

Good luck with the show. I believe you can do great things with it.
Awww, I was off the internets for hours and hours - and didn't even see that Joss had posted. That was wicked nice of him.

I'm fine with not getting a question in, especially since pinkraygun asked my question on this week's mass conference call with Joss (I'd link to it, but pinkraygun seems to be down at the moment) and also 'cause you guys asked so many great questions. I'm especially fond of kmb99's "Do the dolls dream?" and nebula1400's "What are the chances that a perpetual motion machine will become a reality in our lifetimes?" but I guess the ones he picked & answered are pretty good, too. ; > I never, ever caught Anne/Chantarelle's resemblance to Anne in A Little Princess.

At this point, given the mass of stuff I've read this week by or on or about Joss and Eliza and Dollhouse, my only question would be: "Do the Dolls read? and what?" but I guess mebbe I'll find out soon enough anyway. I'm all jazzed about tomorrow night, and telling everyone I know to watch it.

I do hope that our Jossir is sleeping, but my guess is that he is not. Your work is done, Writer Ours. I hope you rest a bit before the next onslaught.

Edited: 'cause I typo'd Dollhouse. *sigh* I've been typing it all month without a hitch & funked it up now. I am all verklempt and fershimmeled 'cause of tomorrow night.

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Is it Friday yet?


I would have asked Joss if he hates me. Doing Dollverse lead me closer to somebody elses work than anything else, and it geninuely kept me up at night a few times thinking 'should I have said that? Am a picking this apart too much? What am I doing?'

When the show got moved to Friday, I freaked out in a vocal way here and it did make me think -- retrospectively -- I'm a knob.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-02-13 09:12 ]
Joss, nicely subtle Incredible Shrinking Man reference... don't take your speedboat through a mysterious fog, k?(that sounds unintentionally dirty... ;-)

Oh, and good luck not just tonight but for many weeks and years to come. :-)

I'm never sleeping again if this is what happens while I sleep. XD Damned time zones. lol.

Awesome thing to do. :D

[ edited by druzilla on 2009-02-13 09:18 ]
Didn't have links for the mp3 of the soundtrack for Dr. Horrible before the CD became available. Maybe even the video. So maybe Simon knows if associate id worked for video on demand before.
Poor gossi. You're not a knob, honest! You're a handle. :)
I'm quite late to this thread, but I like to think that's part of my charm. I'm delusional that way.

I also asked this on the TV Guide "Ask Joss" thingy, but I'm hedgeing my bets, hoping for an answer to a question I've had for a long while: You've said before that the character of Buffy had some basis in the X-Men's Kitty Pryde. Did any of your other BtVS characters have similar comic book origins? I've noticed some parallels between the character of Willow and Marvel's the Scarlet Witch, with spells (hexes) going wonky, going dark and being tutored by a Mrs. Harkness. Any correlations there?

Good luck with Dollhouse! I'll be watching!
Double damn and bloody hell,I missed it!!!

Well, I'm sure the last half of the thread (that I haven't read yet) will be as interesting as the first half.

And Joss, if you pop back .... break a leg and all that stuff. Your interviews are more entertaining that most writers' writings. I adore you obsessively (but not in a creepy way). You have indeed invaded my dreams and my life is far richer for the experience. ;)
Can we have a support group for those of us who missed the opportunity to, if not have a question chosen, at least know that Joss read our words of praise and support and obsessiveness?

Because I am bereft about the last part, don't know how many 'steps' it might take for me to get over it.;)
Question for you folks - obviously, most of you - that asked questions Joss didn't answer.

If some of us know the answers to them - as in, we've seen Joss answer your question elsewhere - do you want us to try and answer them? Or would it just pretty much lose all its zing for you 'cause it's not Joss doing it?

Speak freely.
I'm So gutted that I didn't check the internet at that time yesterday, would have loved asking a question, oh well. Love reading the questions from everyone, and off course Joss's answers.
Joss answered my question! *faints* he he ... thank you!
Thanks for taking the time and effort to answer questions Joss, it's really nice to have a creator take time out to talk to fans.

Gutted I was asleep for it however, but it's unlikely I would have come up with a decent question
If some of us know the answers to them - as in, we've seen Joss answer your question elsewhere - do you want us to try and answer them?

Personally i'm happy to have the answers, whichever gift-horse is mouthing them - knowledge is the truest of magics after all ;).

And cheers for that Joss, you always do the stuff you don't need to do (like answer questions from random internet farties) and that makes us all mighty, you spread mighty around like no-one else, it's like you pop in and take a 'mighty' dump on ... i'll stop there.

Seriously though, ta. And good luck with 'Dollhouse' - wish you didn't need it but there you go, there's nowt as queer as folk as they say.
why did you have to do this while I was asleep...
I've always wanted to ask Joss how he fits so much into his life and how he handles his work/life balance, both when he's actively working on a project and when he's gestating.

The geek in me would love to see Joss's approach to managing the creative process.

ETA: Oh, crap, I forgot to say thank you. But I really mean it!

[ edited by NotMandatory on 2009-02-13 11:40 ]
This was a truly nifty thing to do on what must be a highly stressful and demanding day. Kudos to Joss. Oh yeah, and I must add to the "why must my body need sleep?" crowd. Why must my body need sleep?!
I'm sending lots of good 'vibes' out to you and all involved in the making of Dollhouse, Joss, for a successful run of 13 episodes this year, with several more seasons to come. In Vancouver, about 50 local Browncoats/BSG fans are getting together to watch BSG at 7 pm and Dollhouse at 9. I am so looking forward to this.
Things learned from this thread:

Joss? Nice guy.

Sleep? Bad idea.
It's nearly 7am and I'm too exhausted to even think I can function enough to find answerable questions. Maybe except me being a dork and asking what kind of hot pockets you like...

But anyway, this is my lack of sleep moment to thank you for your many visions and the friendships and insperation that they've given me these past ten years. They wouldn't be without you Joss and I thank you for they are the building blocks apon which I stand.

Now that I've shown full frontal nerdity I will go hide now.
What a decent guy. I already knew about the creative genius but this is something else. Thank you, Jossir!
Ah, well. I finally went to bed just before Joss posted.

That was a very nice thing that he did. Answering questions, I mean, not keeping me up so late. ;)
What's the status of "Goners?"
Joss- death is your mistress. Why do feel it necessary to kill characaters whom you have written in such a way as to lead your viewers to invest so heavily in them? Do you feel sometimes you might have gone too far?
The Q&A is actually over in case anyone was wondering.
Have you considered trying your hand at a story-telling medium with less intrusion from executives? Like theater?
GVH, I'm with you. Sleep- vastly over rated. But we knew Joss was a nice guy already. Congrats to everyone who got their questions in. I liked reading all of them though - a nice intro to the morning.
Sorry that I missed the Q & A! :) I did hear Joss on NPR last night (which was of the awesome). I'm just sending good wishes and luck to everyone involved in "Dollhouse" and am eagerly waiting for the show--along with the rest of the fans. Friday nights are just sheer happiness!
How awesome of Joss to do this. Also, how awesome of Joss to love Homicide the book as well as, it seems, the show. It's pretty fascinating to see how the various detectives and cases in the book were translated to the screen.
Late again. So if you're passing by, no questions, just thanks anyway for doing this.
It's Valentine's Day here now- so *hearts* and flowers to you all, and happy Dollhouse viewing to those of you in the US.

I probably would have asked Joss a serious question, but now he's gone I can just say I've been itching (not literally) to know the name of the restaurant where Dollhouse's infamous 'toilet genesis' took place. Plus the cubicle. And while I'm being personal, folder or scruncher?

Geez, it's not like I'm gonna do a bizarre pilgrimage and replicate the visit, just see if I drop a load of inspiration in a similar fashion. (But still, ya never know...)
Here you go missb (from here), pilgrim on:
It’s the stuff of legend: Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon, friends from their days working on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” met for lunch at Ivy by the Shore and talked about their careers, dreams and lives, over gouda pizza.

(possible spoilers after that BTW, I dunno since I didn't read cos of the possible spoilers ;)
Oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip?
Why are people still asking questions, Joss? WHY?!?!!!!

said:What are the chances that a perpetual motion machine will become a reality in our lifetimes?

My mom says that if you let the batteries in refrigerator they will recharge, so, if we put a remote control car in Antartic it will never stop ;)
Adds "Homicide" to Wish List.

Happy Friday the 13th/Valentine's Day Eve/Dollhouse Premiere!
Are You or have You ever been a borderliner? Because the premise of Dollhouse reaks of it! That's one of the reasons why I'm so excited about the show, by the way. I hope you'll explore this subject even further than on Angel. It gives us freaks hope, U know...
Oh, man. This whole thread was born, lived, and died while I slept. (it's not just those British time zones; all of us right-coasters missed it too.)

Reading through this thread, the thing that keeps poking the back of my mind is an old King Crimson song:

I do remember one thing.
It took hours and hours but..

by the time I was done with it
I was so involved
I didn't know what to think.
I carried it around with me for days and days..
playing little games
like not looking at it for a whole day
and then.. looking at it.
to see if I still liked it.

I did.

I repeat myself when under stress.
I repeat myself when under stress.
I repeat myself when under stress.
I repeat myself when under stress.
I repeat..

The more I look at it
the more I like it.
I do think it's good.
The fact is..
no matter how closely I study it
no matter how I take it apart
no matter how I break it down
It remains consistant.
I wish you were here to see it.

I like it.

And to answer one random question...

It's not that the glass is half full or half empty. The glass has excess capacity to handle surges.

Joss, thanks for stopping by on a snowy evening. I know you have miles to go before you sleep.
What is a "borderliner," Peter?

Interesting song choice, MissKittysMom. To quote it, "I like it."

Edited to add this from wikipedia: "Borderliners is the English translation of De måske egnede, a novel written by Danish author Peter Høeg in 1993. It is about three children, Peter, Katerina and August who attend a private school in Copenhagen in the mid 1970s. It is not long before the children realise they are part of an experiment initiated by the school. The objective is to show how damaged children can be saved and converted into fine citizens. The children choose to fight the experiment."

Intriguing. Sounds reminiscent of that William Sleator novel, "House of Stairs." Creeped me out beyond words when I read it as a kid.

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I'm glad everyone liked my Muppet question. I stand in line at all the Q&As to ask it and never get to the mic before it's over. I have yet to get an answer from anybody. Sigh. Someday I will ask my question before the time is up.

Thank you Joss for indulging us.
Joss, you are awesome!
I can't believe you would do all this for your fans, you really are such an amazing man.
Thank you. xx
Brasilian Chaos Man said:

My mom says that if you let the batteries in refrigerator they will recharge, so, if we put a remote control car in Antartic it will never stop ;)

I tried that, but not on purpose. We had batteries in a refrigerator for close to 20 years.

They didn't work.
Yeah but they didn't work perpetually, right ? See, it works !
I must have missed all 5 answers there. Sorry. Damn, I had to go to bed. Darn being tired.

Elephant Talk it is! Long live KC.
sigh ... missed it. But just in case Joss pops back in - Thanks so much for taking the time for us. It's awesome.
Thanks for taking the time to post Joss!!! You rule the school!

We've got every one of our friends and co-workers watching tonight! Can't wait to discuss...!
Awwww, I always miss the fun stuff when I'm sleeping! >_<

But thanks for this, Joss!
I'm counting the hours to Dollhouse!
I'm pumped for the Dollhouse premiere. My roommate's birthday party is tonight so I'll have to watch it online tomorrow...thus is the curse of the Friday Night time slot. This impromptu Q & A was fun. Thanks for finding time for it. It was an interesting read.
There's gonna be some love. There's gonna be some shipping. I might have accidentally shipped.

Tahmoh and Scripteeeeeeeeeeee!
Oh I'm so sorry I had turned off my computer and gone to bed, and missed out on all this chaos fun! Of course the only question I could have come up with is:
"Joss do you know how much I love you?"
(and your work, I'm totally in love with your work)

So today is the big day, I'm so excited I cannot stand it!
Joss. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. One of my professors here at college was instrumental in getting me into Buffy and it's seem auspicious that today I'm teaching "Storytellers" to her freshmen English class. We're talking about giving them extra credit for watching Dollhouse tonight. Can't wait!

As a big fan of the Faith tattoo I have to ask, is Eliza going to have any character specific tattoos for any of her imprints?
Phlebotinin, if you're not familiar with King Crimson, the song is "Indiscipline" from the 1981 album "Discipline", possibly Crimson's best album and certainly one of the more amazing albums in all of rock. Very "New Wave meets Progressive Rock" using Crimson's entire emotional range "from tension to terror."

Elephant talk? Elephant talk? Elephant talk?!
jesus christ. he said he was going to answer five questions. only five. not five from each person. he answered 5 questions about 800 questions ago. give it up, people. give it up.
Joss, should we give it up ?
What's the damned song playing during the promo clip?!? It's been how many months since this song first popped up and nobody can tell me what it actually is? Seriously? And no it's not Massive Attack... or if it is it's a cover by someone that sounds an awful lot like Dido.

Help me Joss. You're my only hope.

ETA: It's my birthday. Wouldn't it be nice if I could actually find this song today? *puppy eyes*

[ edited by Haunt on 2009-02-13 18:04 ]
dang... I wanted to ask if Aftermath is going to be good, and if so, why aren't you involved in it? It is your show after all.
Haunt, I believe the song you're on about was recorded specially for Dollhouse.

Why do I heart Joss?

And I'm never going to leave the computer again. But I was catching up on BSG! *divides body in half to keep up with addictions*
Happy Birthday, Haunt!
You rock, Joss. You rock. I respect you SO much.
How do you feel about the particularly weak reviews Dollhouse has been getting?

Edit: Oops... I guess the questions have been answered. Sorry.

[ edited by Rikardo on 2009-02-13 19:51 ]
Hey Joss,
Now that Dr. Horrible has faired well on the internet, with the ability of fans to purchase episodes directly from Itunes or even DVD, would you ever consider revisiting the Buffy Animated series as a web-based series?

Do you think Dollhouse will join the ranks of your other series and eventually leap into comicbooks?

How involved are you in the new "Tales of the Vampire" series planned by Dark Horse?

Oh, and lastly, if I invited you to my house for dinner, do you think you would make it, and would you settle for spaghetti & meatballs? (That's about all I know how to cook on a stovetop.)

Oh, and by the way, my iPhone has "Blue" stuck on repeat...what an amazing song you penned with Angie Hart!

[ edited by toontimer on 2009-02-13 19:51 ]
Just to point out once more, the Q&A has been over for ages. As the old adage goes, you just had to be there.
Gosh darn it. Ah well, always next time.


Opening night for Cabin In The Woods is when exactly?
Opening night for Cabin In The Woods is when exactly?

February 5, 2010.
Amazing, thanks Joss. Good luck on Dollhouse! I can't wait for tonight.
Why? When? How? What? Where?

Oh more questions? Damn! I asked another one! What was I thinking? CRAP! (I could do this all day, but I won't... or will I? ;-)

In all seriousness, Simon et al - will there be a " discuss "Dollhouse" thread tonight?" Thanks in advance either way! :-D
Oz, yeah, I heard so. Check in an hour or so before it airs.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-02-13 21:48 ]
Will you cry tonight?
How do you know I don't cry every night?
Because your pillow isn't wet.

Wait, one way of interpreting that might come off as creepy.
How are you getting access to my pillow?
Hey, do you remember me shouting to you "What's Up?" at NY Comic Con this past weekend when you took a peek at the crowd, pre-Dollhouse Panel?
How are you getting access to my pillow?

Aha, so you admit your pillow isn't wet ?! Check and mate ! In the game of word-chess you've just been p[a]wned !

Machiavelli ? Pfft, Not-that-sneaky-avelli more like.
Do you have an overall story planned for dollhouse? how many seasons would you like dollhouse to run? What are you currently watching on tv, besides BSG? What happened to the buffy/angel crossovers in the comics? would you be interested on participating in the creation of a buffy/angel/firefly/dollhouse videogame? do you speak any other language besides english?..that's all i can muster!!
b!X you are going to break your brain if you keep doing that.

Anyway - Thanks Joss for dropping by - a nice valentine to end the week with.
Joss, if a b!x falls in the woods but there's no-one there to hear it, does it still make a *thud* ?
This place is getting littered with bodies.

Maybe we should call Housekeeping.
Joss, if a b!x falls in the woods but there's no-one there to hear it, does it still make a *thud* ?

How can there be no one there to hear it if I'm there?
Fer christ's sake, the Q&A is over !
Ta very muchly Sage.

Ironically, I've already been to Ivy at the Shore. Never made it into the men's cubicles, though, but gee, we all have our ambitions in life... ;-)
Marry, F*ck or Kill: Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day.

Since I probably missed my shot for Joss to answer, how about everyone else?

Me? Marry Neil (Sigh. What a guy.) F*ck Nathan (Yowza. That's a whole lotta hot.) And, unfortunately, since I am gay, I'd have to kill the lovely Felicia. Not unlike the narrative of Dr. Horrible actually. For all 3. Kind of.

Anyone else?
For a long term arc, you can't beat Wesley Wyndham-Price. Talk about empowering a geek! I also have special love for Anne, formerly (among other things), Chantarelle. I didn't realize till after the fact how much her story owed to "A Little Princess".

I like all the answers, but this one's my favorite, despite not being a Buffy/Angel-are-be-all-end-all-of-Jossverse/I-never-let-go-never! kind of fan. Not one misstep or sour note in the entire arc for that character and he also managed to rock without taking over the show(s). The continuity of Anne was very very cool as well, I love that she was in the Angel finale.
Have you ever played World of Warcraft?! If not, would you like to?
If I were a more cynical woman, I might wonder which would go on longer- this thread or Dollhouse? ;-)
Dear Joss .... oh, wait! .... B!X, do you mean that there's some connection between the questions having already been answered, and the questioning actually being closed?

*Thud* (to save you the trouble. ;)

ETA: clarity, kinda

[ edited by Shey on 2009-02-14 12:46 ]
Now that you've got four shows, what will you call someone who appears in all of them, as "hat trick" no longer really fits?


[ edited by zaphod on 2009-02-15 20:26 ]
Dear Joss,

Look at how 'Sanctuary' started. The webisodes were slick, well acted, had lots of CGI, told a compelling story and were such a hit that they were picked for a regular tv series.

I would bet a LOT of moola [if I had it to bet!] that webisodes of stories from the Firefly/Serenity 'verse would sell like crazy. They could be very simply set. Look how Dr Horrible has caught on :-).

Hugs to you
OOHH, I understand why you do this. You're hoping that in our asking you questions we're going to slip out some genius plots. Damn you ARE good. What's that? Don't ever guess wha you're thinking again? Hmm, I guess you just an amazingly decent person who's as dedicated to us as we are to whedon-verse. Well, that last bit may be a little twisted. But, hey.

I know they q and a time is over, but just a question:
Joss, why do you write these strong women characters?

I'm kidding, I just figured if all of this "choosing which questions to answer" thing wasn't annoying enough, it could be moore annoying.

Really...I had too many questions to ask and I couldn't choose.
Although it doesn't really matter, because it's been well over 30 minutes.

-From tht annoying little fan who sent you that letter, but I'm not sure if you og tit, and I'm reading about everything you are working on and talking to us, and I think your time is better spent on this rather than my letter, as much as it pains me to say that. I'll keep annoying you provavly because I can't help myself. If you feel oblged, please, I would love to hear a reply, but if not no worries.

Love you work and will always be obsessive.

xx. kristen

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