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February 13 2009

Feature about Tony Head's new show 'Free Agents'. The Channel Four comedy premieres tonight in the UK.

Well, I quite enjoyed it. Sort of painful funny though Tony didn't have a big part (in this episode, if they're continuing with the plot of the original pilot then his role increases) but I really like the two leads (Pulling! Green Wing!). Loved the Sarah Michelle Gellar discussion as well (though I cringed when they started as I was sure they were going to rag on her then I'd be poorly disposed to the series forevermore!).
Bollocks, forgot this was on. Will have to 4OD it tomorrow.
I liked it too, Tony plays a complete perv!

The SmG thing was well done since it was basically one person saying that she was too good of an actor to be in the second Scooby Doo movie. It wasn't a slam, it was a compliment that happened to be wrong.

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