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February 13 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Buffy Season 8 Artist Georges Jeanty. Buffyfest did a video interview with him at the New York Comic Con. I think it has a minor spoiler in it about a future comic.

Amusingly...or not, maybe...the guy behind Georges with his back turned is me. I was waiting at his table to work out the details of my own video interview with him later. And you really can't see her, but I was chatting with another Jeanty fan, and we were oohing and ahhing his portfolio on the table.

This was a really good interview. And if you haven't checked out the rest of the Buffyfest site, do's tops!
That was so great. The guy interviewing Georges kept asking about inspirations and influences and Georges kept steering the conversation back to Buffy. It shows he's committed to the project, and that's awesome.

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