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February 13 2009

Go Behind the Scenes of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse At E! Online. Includes interviews with Joss, Eliza, Tahmoh, Fran, and Olivia. Also...opening credits!

<understatement>I kinda like the opening credits.</understatement>

Is it weird that I'm not going to watch this because I don't wanna spoil the credits for myself?

I know so much about this episode already. I'm looking forward to seeing these right when they air. Also, I'm a nerd.
I like the opening credits, too.
Bizarrely I can watch the credits no problem but not if I use the code to paste it elsewhere.
I have no problem getting the link and viewing the video that way....
But I live outside the US. I'm intrigued as to why Fox lets me see the credits at E! Online but not elsewhere.

Cool credits though.
I really like the opening credits. My only complaint is how short it is. It feels like it ends a bit too abruptly -- I want to see more! :)
Good point. That is odd.

Coincidentally, at the comments section at the bottom, they have a captcha word which, right now for me, is "memory". It's like the computer knows...
Opening credits these days aren't what they used to be. I'm kind of amazed we're getting one as long as this one is. My only regret? That the other faces of Dollhouse are not featured in the credits. But it's probably too short for that.

I really like the last couple of seconds. Very dollhouse'y.

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Oh, wow, they used the "La la la la" version!

That's a lot of Eliza.
Ah, good, I was looking for something cool to put up on unofficial ME site for Dollhouse's premiere. Credits will work, and I dig the tilt-shift/selective focus stuff in there.
Link doesn't work for me but just going to does the trick.

Only watched the credits but hmm ... not sure. The visuals just don't quite seem to jibe with the theme. It'll probably grow on me though.
As far as the visuals, I liked the mirror shots of Eliza, which I do think fit the theme pretty well.
Where are the other characters in the opening credits?

I think the "All Eliza, All the Time" format is a mistake. Joss mentioned how proud he is of the casting... the opening credits should reflect that. As we grow to like multiple characters in the ensemble it would be nice to see them appear in the credits vs. it appearing to be exclusively "The Eliza Dushku Show."

Nice music.
This should be up here in about 10 minutes time. Oddly, the titles appear to be in 4:3 format.

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Almost all of Fox's promotional clips for the show have been in 4:3.
SteveP, perhaps the titles will evolve. Also, they run about half the time that Buffy's title did. You'd have to jam pack faces in there while try to tell a coherent story hinting what the show is about at the same time. Not saying it isn't possible, but I bet it's hard.
Cute, tilt-shift.
If anybody feels like helping me digg the opening credits.
Eh... I was hoping to see the other characters as well in the credits. It felt a bit forced to me. I hope the Dollhouse credits grow as amazingly as Buffy's did, but unless we can get Echo in a bunny suit... :P
I do wish that they could show the other cast members, but I can understand why they didn't. Focusing on what Echo is, and does, gives the viewer some understanding of what the show is about, which is what the opening credits should do.

I kinda love the credits, by the way.
Strangely, The opening credits are better than expected. I'm not fussed that the names don't show against the characters, just as long as the names show. Think BSG.
I love the 'feel' of the credits, and am really digging the music-box notes at the very end...kind of haunting and sad. I do wish the other characters were featured only because I always loved watching the Buffy and Angle credits and seeing all my favorite characters in their best moments. But those credits evolved with the show, so maybe this one will to.
Caroline: hah, I was gonna say the same thing. I like how they used tilt shift photography... clever.

I like the visuals, but I'm not really feeling the music. Maybe when I see how it fits with the rest of the show, I'll like it better. Right now it feels a little too... tacky teen drama?
JMaloney, sorry about reposting the story. I don't know how I missed the original post.

I loved the opening credits. There's something unsettling about them, in a good way. Gives me goosebumps.
Caroline: hah, I was gonna say the same thing. I like how they used tilt shift photography... clever.

Hey, I mentioned it first! ;)
I'm also loving the credits. I mean, I do wish that the other characters appeared too (like in Buffy, Angel and Firefly), but I still really enjoyed them. I'm really looking forward to Dollhouse. Now, I've gotta go watch those credits again... :)

And Effulgent, I didn't notice this post's existence 'til I read yours, so I owe you thanks for pointing the credit out.
snowinhell thank you. I'm feeling less embarrassed now.
The One True b!X: Sorry! Didn't see that :)
I don't particularly care for the voice in the credits, but the music is fine. It just makes me think of the first (and only) time I heard the full opening song to House... ouch!
As far as the visuals, I liked the mirror shots of Eliza, which I do think fit the theme pretty well.

Crossed wires here maybe ? By 'theme' I mean the theme music not the theme of the show. The music just feels quite slow and ethereal and haunting and then you have these fairly quickly cut images with a fairly action oriented vibe, doesn't scan for me (yet).

(or maybe the wires aren't crossed - I may have crossed wires about that ;) - and that's the 'theme' you mean too JMaloney ?)
Visually, the credits crosscut between:
1. Badass, in-charge assignments and
2. Submissive assignments/vulnerable "doll" state moments.
The opposition between the two kinds of images works with the tension in the music between childlike singsong and more aggressive, adult sounds (like the distorted electric guitars). IMH eyes and ears.

ETA I am going to be unbearably distracted, I fear, at least until The Summernator comes on.

ETfurtherA I'm about to gnaw my knuckles off with anticipation. OK, not really, but in that neighborhood.

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Music: Great, kind of what I expected but where will the 'if you can take a dream and make it real' music bit (second trailer) show up? I realize now it's not from Jonatha Brooke, but googling it shows no results.

Visuals: Nice, very modern and unlike other Joss shows but cool. I was hoping it to be 50 seconds though. Lots and lots of Eliza which is good and mysterious but I was kind of hoping to see other characters too (or at least the other dolls!)

Edit! The third time I watched this I noticed they removed the lyrics! Which is a shame because I already grew attached to the 'what you don't know won't hurt you, maybe the lies are true' line (when watching the official music video a hundred times)

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