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August 22 2003

(SPOILER) Ats S5x01 'Conviction' pics. Nine images from the season premiere, you know you want to have a look.

I miss Cordelia already.
The one thing that strikes me is: wasn't Spike last seen in just a white t-shirt in Buffy? - Now all of a sudden he's regained his black t-shirt and leather jacket.
Hell is a factory outlet.
Having been to at least a few factory outlets, I'd have to agree.
So our Spike is still and Vampire...AND a ghosty thing? Hmmm. And lookit Angel, all trim and slim looking... and Gunn? The suit suits him.
Guess someone told Amy Acker that the fanboys think she's hot. Flashing a bit too much leg for Fred, don't ya think? Still, she looks good. All the fang gang looks fightin' fit!
I've missed Cordelia since the end of season two. The thing pretending to be Cordelia in season three and four was not the Cordelia I knew and loved to hate.

Way too much leg for Fred... but I'm not complaining... you know, as a fanboy who thinks Amy Acker is hot.
Denisof's Wesley? Also looking hot.
Suede jacket good.
That is Spike in vamp mode isn't it? So not quite a ghost after all.
That's not too much leg for Fred. Lookin' good, G. Spike's both a vampire and a ghost. Well, actually. I'm gambling that as the series progresses we learn that he's not quite either any longer, but when we figure it all out (probably around sweeps) Angel learns that what has happened to Spike was supposed to happen to him, and so Angel goes postal on the Wolfram & Hart boys. At least that's how I'd play it, but then I got a terrible track record on speculation.
That looks like Spike circa season 4 of BtVS, not the one from the last few years. Kick ass!
Nope. He's wearing exactly what he wore when he died. Minus the amulet, which I find a bit weird.

Harmony looks good
(please dont' delete. She looks better than the suede jacket prolific commented on...)

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Spike's not wearing the amulet because he comes out of the amulet when Angel picks it up at the end of 5.1. Apparently, he dusted into it somehow when he died.

And re: the ghost-vamp thing, I think ghostly appearance is explained a bit in 5.4
Last year when Tara died, I was saying that the one thing Whedon's gang hasn't explored in detail is a ghost. I mean they've done modern re-examinations of vamps, werewolves, witches, the invisible ..person. There was a guy who drank a potion and became a Jeckyl & Hyde type of guy. They've even tinkered with robots and had mad (geeky) scientists and some kids once tried to make a bride of body parts for their undead friend. Xander once almost became the Creature of the Black Lagoon. They've done it all. However, they've never had a major character who was a ghost.

I thought Tara was gonna become that character. That didn't quite work out. Angel did have Dennis for a couple seasons. Whatever happened to him by the way? They gonna just ignore Dennis now that Cordy's gone?

Spike doing the ghost thing. Well, better him than nobody, but I still woulda preferred Ghostly Tara.
I think Phantom Dennis was stuck in his apartment, as ghosts are usually bound to certain places. Since Cordy's not living there anymore, there's not much of a point in going to see him. Well, it would be nice of them if they did. I bet he's heartbroken over Cordy and is really lonely.
Thanks Tamara.

Shows how well I pay attention to details!! NOT

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