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February 14 2009

Buffy and Angel Figurine Collection/Magazine coming soon. This should be out in the UK in March. More details and pics can be found in this BtVSFigs thread.

It's a very cute figurine of Buffy, me likes :)
Oh I like the look of these! Particularly the Spike and Angel. Likenesses are a wee bit shaky, but easy forgiven as they're such small scale. The bodies appear to be very well sculpted though.

A must for any Buffy fan I would have thought. *g*
These looks like one of these things where you end up paying 1500 for 100 worth of stuff.

I want it.
That looks very cool, and I don't even usually go in for these partwork shenanigans. I'll be getting the first one at least, it looks nifty.
Looks ok and I want it.
But for some reason they have taken away the hammer she should be holding in her other hand :(
Seems a waste to diminish one of the shows most iconographic moments.
The completist in me is whispering that I need to buy these.

Plus the bonus of having Buffy and Angel in various sizes is too appealing.
Atleast a tenner each?! Wtf are they thinking? o_O

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