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February 13 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from Fox. Outtakes from the Summer Glau/Eliza Dushku promos. Also the latest Jossverse video (treadmills are evil).

I must assume they were corpsing so much because they, like we, felt how cheesy their promotional lines were. I got that impression most especially from the 'so tough, so killer, so FOX' exchange.

Still, I enjoy their respective talents immensely, and I'm grateful they were willing to help with the promotional process. How draining that must be...
Corpsing. Heh. Is that an actual term of art, or just an apt description?
Seeing those lovely ladies together makes me wanna root for a crossover episode between Dollhouse and Terminator :D
Instead of having them talk, FOX should have had them fight! (It would need to be choreographed of course.)
Well the outtakes were more entertaining than what was actually aired anyway. Particularly if you do imagine they too are laughing at the dialogue. Though I kept expecting Nathan to jump out and yell "Summer!"
Good to see Summer and Eliza get a laugh out of it, since what actually aired was groan-inducing offensive.
Eliza can certainly turn on the smolder. I wouldn't be surprised if these two beautiful women have already inspired crossover fanfics.
xerox: they're saving that for sweeps ...
Since I couldn't see the cringe inducing promo, it was fun to see this instead. Did the Jossverse video go up late? I'd looked for it on Friday and couldn't find it anywhere.
Ouch! That was so cringeworthy. At least they realised how bad it was too.
Cringeworthy, indeed. I felt embarrassed for them. Combining them together in promos could have been really interesting. Instead, Fox reached well below the average intelligence of the viewer. (And, yes, I'm also assuming the "well below" target was more physical than intellectual, in Fox's minds.) I'm glad to see the two got a few laughs out of the experience.
I kinda undestand your point, but well could we really expect something else, like a debate on the identity issues raised by both their characters ? I mean that would have been awesome, but network executives will be network executives, and when they see Summer and Eliza, they don't see past the fact that they are, obviously, quite pretty.
But I mean, hey, I guess some people started to watch Btvs because of SMG most visible assets, and I hope some of them found something more in the show. So, well, lure people anyway fit, we need a lot of them right now.
I also don't see why everyone had such a bad reaction to it. Sure it was a bit cheesy, but these outtakes show they knew it too. I loved just to see them together, and I think its great that Fox was willing to give such promotion for its traditional death night. Sure it could have been better, but I'll take what I can get. I guess I'm just easy... but I mean can you blame me? It's Summer and Eliza!
Oh golly... Summer doesn't want to be there so much. Love it.
Those commercials didn't just bother me, they kind of soured the whole episode. The "so hot, so fox" wink wink. It was completely obvious. That paired up with a show about women who have their personalities removed to (sometimes) become sex objects and just blech. Gross gross gross. Not in a good "makes you think" way but just in an overt "et tu, Joss Whedon?" pained way. That and the "90 seconds of commercials" notifications that featured naked, glistening Eliza Dushku with a focus on her lower back/buttocks area, or shoulder. My sister commented that they should do a close up of her big toe next. I felt they were aiming for a demographic that was specifically NOT ME. It made it really hard to take the show seriously at all.
ailiel, I totally agree, the blatantly sexist promos were such a yeechh experience, it colored my perception of the entire show, and not in a good way. I was still trying to get rid of that yeechh feeling halfway through the show or so, when they aired the second promo, which was even more offensive than the first one.

However, I don't blame Joss, he has no control over how the network does promnos.

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