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February 15 2009

This Week's Postsecrets. The last secret shows a picture of Oz and Willow.

Who knows... maybe this secret is about a Buffy fan that regularly visits this site!!!

Haha! That'd be funny. If someone from Whedonesque did post that, they'd have to reveal themselves, secret or no secret.
That's kind of adorable.
I like this site. I think I will send in a secret. Good way to get it off your chest.

I always loved Oz and Willow best.
I love that picture. Willow and Oz are made of adorableness.
I always loved Oz and Willow best.

I LOL'd at several of them, but I think my favorite was:

I took one of our wedding invitations and wrote "I WIN" in big red letters across it...and sent it to your ex.

That rocks.
Willow/Oz was definitely the cutest pairing
That's so funny ... I visit Postsecret every Sunday, often just before coming here to settle in for a while. Today, it was the opposite. It made me smile to see that two of my favorite places have crossed paths.

It makes sense, actually. PS has kind of a Jossian feel to it, in a way. Sending anonymous postcards to a stranger makes possible a certain degree of emotional honesty, and as you read the weekly postings over time you'll be amazed by the range and depth of some of the things that are revealed. I've laughed, cried and said "ohmigod", all in the time it takes me to scroll that one page.

I wonder if Joss has ever been there?

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My Creative Writing professor gets prompts from it.
I'd never seen that site before but I really like the idea. Maybe I'll be able to air a few things out by exploring and using it. Hmmm.
Oz and Willow were my favorite too.
for anyone interested, the first book (PostSecret) at least was quite enjoyable.

and I was always a buffy/oz fan. My mom stopped watching when Oz left, i think she missed him....
I can't believe it! I totally missed that when I checked it on Sunday as I was too busy laughing in commiseration with the one above it. And now I have this irrational feeling that I've failed....something in some grand way. Eugh, feelings.

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