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February 15 2009

What was that song in that scene in that episode of Dollhouse? If you're looking for a scene-specific, comprehensive list of the music used in Dollhouse, your search stops here.

The list is updated regularly and includes listings for other shows as well such as Angel and Buffy.

Maybe they can tell me what song played in that promo...

...or not. >:/

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Given its sound-alike nature with Massive Attack's "Teardrop", the piece was probably created for the promo by a company that specializes in commercials and advertising. Regardless, I'm still looking for more info myself.
Judging by the voice and this, it could be an original Song by Jonatha Brooke.

No sorry, that's the theme song. Forget I said anything.

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Glad to know what that awesome song playing during the motorcycle race was
"Maybe they can tell me what song played in that promo..." - Haunt

If the promo you're talking about is the TSCC / Dollhouse non-grindhouse, the music is "Boys wanna be her" by Peaches.
Nope, it's the one with a female vocalist singing, "If you could take a dream and make it real... Would you?" It ends with the words (sung), "My angel".
I nearly fell off my seat when they played Front Line Assembly during the club scene :)
kungfubear, there's no PM function here, and the topic you posted just a few minutes ago disappeared almost immediately, but I wanted to thank you PROFUSELY for pointing me in the right direction for the song I was asking about. You rock hardcore!!
Yeah, it happens often with my posts and I've never been able to fully figure it out. Perhaps it's some kind of violation of the rules that I'm just not seeing. I guess in this instance, the higher-ups felt it was too much of a double post or something. I get that. Let's hope others have the same idea as you and run a search. :)

I'm glad I could be of help to you at least, if only for a fleeting moment. Someday, I'll get the hang of this place. Who knows? :)
But for those looking for the "If you could take a dream" promo song, I don't imagine there's any harm in linking directly to the artists' website, is there? I mean, we link to artists and products all the time...

Here's that link - the song is "Massive Dose" by Sonic Librarian and I hath boughted it myself.
kungfubear - the admins keep a list at of what posts were deleted and why. Looks like yours was indeed considered a duplicate.

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Huh...Look at that. That's kinda neat. Thanks, Rachelkachel.
FWIW, the list on that site is from information provided directly to them by Andrea Von Foerster, Dollhouse's music supervisor.

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