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February 15 2009

Felicia Day talks about her guest star role in Dollhouse. Felicia comments on her blog about her guesting in an upcoming episode.

Not sure the blog's been posted here before, but we've known this for a few days now.
The news was posted, yeah, but I also don't know if the specific item was. Also, it's a blog, so one can actually link to the item rather than tell people to "see entry". (Also, there's no period at the end of the link title.)

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Well, technically one can link to single twitter entries.
Which is the link used previously when this was mentioned, yes.
This is cooler news than hearing I'm getting a bag of doughnuts sent to me by a friend of mine. Pretty big deal in my book.
Edited to fix link and add full stop. Give it up for the permalink.
I am pretty sure, if nothing else, that the prior info on this didn't mention which specific episode she was in. Isn't episode 11 the one Jane wrote?

ETA: Nevermind, it doesn't say that anyway. There's nothing new in that post at all. Heh.

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At least Joss told us what her role will be:
I didn't know this, and consider this a spoiler. Likewise, I would have preferred to not know about Alan Tudyk showing up later. Neither are particularly surprising given that it's Joss we're talking about, but I have been going out of my way to avoid reading as much stuff regarding Dollhouse as possible to be unspoiled, which I'm finding is increasingly difficult given the enthusiasm of his fans (which I am also one of).
How is knowing that a particular actor will appear in a future episode a spoiler? It's not like it reveals anything that happens in the show itself.
Yeah, it's not like a big plot reveal is gonna be "Ta da ! Alan Tudyk everyone, let's hear it for Big Al ..." ;).

(casting's not an issue for me and i'm very spoiler averse. Knowing anything about their characters would be a spoiler though - if you're even more spoilerphobic than me then I guess "Such a different role than Iím used to..." might constitute character information)
I would't regard this is a spoiler. Details about what the character did would obviously be a spoiler and would warrant a tag.
Felicia is amazing, awesome that we can expect her in Dollhouse. Too bad the Guild is already ending again, though, really have grown to love it.

I don't really mind casting spoilers except when you know they bring someone back, like with Seth Green guesting on Buffy or something like that. And I also don't like it when you know how many episodes someone will be in, so you can figure out when they will be leaving. Just knowing someone will be in a show though, no problem with that.
From the about Whedonesque page: We define spoilers as any information about episodes not yet aired on North American television

I don't know, I'm not going to make a deal about this beyond now, but that is what it says in the rules of the site right there. It isn't my site, so I don't mean to overstep my bounds, I would just appreciate better clarification on what constitutes spoilage in the future because this was a spoiler to me. I would prefer to be surprised at a guest spot from a friendly face on one of my favorite shows.
I get where you're coming from but by that definition, almost anything mentioning 'Dollhouse' would be a spoiler. Knowing there're 13 episodes is a spoiler for instance. So with the best will in the world, if "any information about episodes not yet aired" is how you define spoilers archon, you really might be best avoiding ALL threads that even mention 'Dollhouse' in the title (though admittedly in this case, the "spoiler" is in the title so it'd be hard for you to avoid).

(and again, not having a pop at you but wouldn't you see her name in the credits and so likely know she was in it before you saw her ? Sometimes I wish all guest stars were credited at the end of the show for just that reason but they're not)
Whoa, how did I not know that Felicia and Alan were going to be in Dollhouse?

On a semi-related note (assuming you don't mind me shilling for The Guild on somebody else's dime), Felicia's The Guild now has its own fan podcast which has just released episode 1, The Knights of the Guild.

It's a bit different from your typical fan podcast, as the two podcasting fans, Kenny & Jenni, both work behind the scenes making The Guild, so have a lot of insider's insight. Episode 1 features an interview with Stupid Tall Hot Girl, who is a self-confessed geek (and not in any way stupid), and is very slightly spoilerish towards this weeks's season finale.

If anyone thinks this front-page worthy itself, feel free to post it.
So is Felicia's character going to be named Vicky or what? (It better not be Uniform!!!)
Yes, Stupid Tall Hot Girl doesn't sound stupid at all. Nice interview. Looking forward (only not) to the season finale tomorrow.

I'm a huge spoilerphobe as well, and normally don't like to know casting news, but I've been a bit looser with Dollhouse stuff. You kinda have to be around here. But as long as it's not character news, I'm cool with it. (And yay Felicia!)
Ya know, if you watch every episode of Dollhouse... ;-)'s likely you're going to see promos at the end of Episode 10 that show Felicia IN Episode 11. This way I guess you just have longer to stew in your excitement.

And holy crap! How'd I miss the Tudyk news? That's what happens I guess, when I avoid the site for a week and a half so as not to risk seeing anything about the show in the days that led up to the premier.
Except, as I pointed out, her post doesn't say what episode she's in. That was me making a mistake.
I'm so happy she is going to be on. :)

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