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February 15 2009

The 10 Worst Places to Work on TV. Unlike a previously linked article on the same site, this is a non-chronological ranking. Guess who shows up at #1 and #5?

I'll give you a hint: Neither one is Doublemeat Palace (a serious omission, I think).

(And with scarcely anything to go on yet, I'm already wondering where the Dollhouse is going to fit in...)

Pretty good list. I would have probably put Galactica on there instead of the Buy More.
I'd love to work at Dunder Mifflin. Great list, and I love the unexpected "After the Fall" reference.
Yes, the work incentives at "Wolfram & Hart" leave much to be desired. Oh, how can we count the ways?
Wolfram & Hart and the Magic Box are certainly well suited to such a list (though Doublemeat Palace is certainly horrible enough to merit placement, and I certainly wouldn't want to in any capacity work for the Dollhouse either). At least at Dunder Mifflin you can lay reasonable claim to a normal life expectancy. And bonus points for not having to sign over your soul as part of your contract. I'm surprised that Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital wasn't included, though. It would be at least as emotionally traumatic to work under Dr. House as Michael Scott.
Hey, thanks for the link! To answer some of the comments:

I didn't include Galactica, because I think that's actually the BEST place you could have been working the day the nukes dropped. Unless you were there or on Pegasus, you didn't stand much of a chance of surviving the attack.

I almost included Doublemeat, but I ended up going with the Magic Box because I didn't want more than one place from a single show on the list.

Dunder Mifflin is included because I seem to remember Michael being a particularly horrible boss (even by The Office standards) around the time I wrote the list. I didn't include House's hospital simply because I'm not really versed in House-ology (something I plan to rectify via DVDs).

And just so you know, the list is numbered, but it's not necessarily a "ranked" list. I think several of the places listed would be equally dire employment locales.

Thanks again for the link. I (along with most of the Fandomania staff) am a huge Buffy / Angel / Firefly fan, and it's really gratifying to get exposure on here, especially two days in a row. Whedonesque rocks :)
Good list.. But I don't know, I think I would enjoy working in Torchwood :) Even if you die afterwards
Cool list. But I was hoping for something along the lines of "Fox Entertainment Programming Section" or "NBC Office of New Series Development", much more hazardous these days. ;)
If you do somehow survive said invasion, you’ll likely be relegated to a small cell of half-competent specialists working in a hidden base under Cardiff.

Hey JasonTD, I was just wondering why you labeled Jack's Torchwood group as half competent?

They all seem to be very competent people in their specialties. Sure they have emotional issues that are sometimes enhanced by alien activity or job stress, but I don't think I could ever come up with a team of people that are more competent in their fields. Were you saying they were incompetent for social reasons?
Hmmm...I think working at Sunnydale High was a pretty dangerous thing to do as well. Especially if you were the Principal.

Also, I wish I worked for the Dharma Initiative. I love LOST.
You know, Nebraska can be really danger... ahh who am I kidding.
I'd actually be willing to take my chances at Torchwood, definitely over anywhere in Nebraska. ;)

Also agreeing with Jaynes Hat, Torchwood crew so not incompetent.
BBC incompetent (and very possibly as evil as Wolfram and Hart), for killing off Owen and Tosh. But no fault of the crew's.
I love the list! Of course there are others that could be there, but each of the ones mentioned belongs there as well.
Sorry, but the Buy More seems like a cool place to work.
Plus there's the employee discount.
Me, I would've added Manchester and Salford CID. It may be funny to watch, but I think actually working under Gene Hunt would be like the Ninth Circle of Hell.

Torchwood isn't completely incompetent, but they all had a bit of a learning curve. The first season especially had its ups and downs.
@Jaynes Hat: I included Torchwood because, honestly, they've made some pretty huge and world-threatening blunders. In the first season, most of the crises they faced were caused or at least helped along by their own members. Sure, Tosh was good with computers, Owen was good with medicine, and Gwen is good at... well, anyway. But I think for the job they were doing, they were anything but the best suited people. It makes for some fantastic TV (and I definitely love everything Doctor Who and Torchwood related), but they really don't show responsibility and competence a large portion of the time. Throwing tools at downed meteors? Sneaking alien artifacts out of the HQ to play with at home? I chalk that up as incompetence.

@twinkiefoo: How far into watching Lost are you? My assertion that Dharma would be a bad, bad place to work is based largely on the season 3 episode "The Man Behind the Curtain."

Thanks again for the comments, everyone :)
I've seem every episode of Lost, JasonTD. While I agree that the Dharma Initiative would be a perilous place to work, it is just so damn gorgeous on that island.

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