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February 16 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for May. Comics Continuum has details on what to expect from Angel #21, Angel: Blood and Trenches #3 and Angel: Not Fade Away #1.

I must say I really don't see the appeal of a comic adaptation of a TV episode. To each his very weird own
I completely agree Let Down. As much as I love comics, TV is a better medium. Uhh hello... movement and sound! Comic to TV translation obviously makes sense...but TV to Comic.

I could just watch 'Not Fade Away', on mute, with closed captions and keep my eyes closed only to flash them open for a split second every few moments and get the same experience.

Also...Angel meets Wesley's great-great grandfather or whatever? Ugh..
Well guys, you could say the same about Movie to comic adaptations. Or some purists (like Alan Moore:)) would say no to comic to movie/tv adaptations aus-mitch so why does that make anymore sense? Cant please everyone:)

I like the description of #21...sounds like Angel is pissed at the wonder!
I think the descriptions for Angel #21 and Blood and Trenches #3 sound interesting.

In regards to Angel #21,it sounds like Angel is going to confront TPTB over recent events.Also sounds like Dez might be an adversary.

Wes's grandfather being involved in Blood And Trenches #3 could be cool.

I like the idea of comic adaptations and hope more episodes get this treatment.I don't think all episodes should but some standouts wouldn't hurt.

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I agree.. I got Smile Time #1 not know it was just a retelling, with no new back story. What's the point?

Blood and Trenches sounds great! A favourite of mine was Angel's WWII flashback episode "Why We Fight".
Well, there was a entire new scene with Angel and Spike in Smile Time #1.

Also, the issue sold out, so I guess a lot of people have "weird" taste, Let Down. Comic companies have been adapting movies and TV episodes for years. Happens every time a moderately comic-friendly movie comes out, so of course Joss's works would someday be adapted. I'm just glad for more Angel.
Count me in as also not interested in comic book adaptations. As a kid, they were cool companion pieces to movies, but nowadays, it just seems wasteful considering I already own Not Fade Away on the season five DVD. Sure, it's in a different art form, but as I also believe film is superior to comics, it would be wasteful of me to buy a lesser-quality product.
Comic Book Resources's review gave Smile Time #1 only one-half star out of five. Ouch.

I'm not interested in episode adaptations either. Before VHS and DVD, they would be quite nice, but in current times they're pointless.

Riker - I'm disappointed that you see film as superior to comics. I see them simply as different mediums. (Unless you meant that an original film is better than it's licensed comic adaptation, in which case I agree with you.
Invisible Green,

I love comics. I've been collecting them since I was 7. But if I had to choose between Buffy Season Eight the Comic Book, or Buffy Season Eight the Movie, I'd always choose the movie. The comics are simply satisfying a craving that otherwise wouldn't be fulfilled.
Ah, so the format just suits you better. I can understand that. I don't appreciate it when people don't respect the medium of comics, but you clearly do.
Thanks for the heads up on Smile Time, maybe I should have not just skimmed thought it. But basically I just want new stories about our guys and gals.

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