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August 24 2003

Confessions of a Spikeoholic. "“The writers noticed early on that they could give James anything and he would give it his all and make it work, just like Spike,” says Billie. “So they’ve gone to town with his character."

I'm going to refrain from commenting. The bitterness thread's on another site.

I'm grateful to this thread to alerting me to a Spike posting board called "We band of buggered"! I always thought that was one of the most inspired Joss moments, ASH and JM reprising part of Henry V in The Magic Shop - up there w/ Kevin Williamson having the cast of Dawson's recite "To be or not to be" on the side of a North American swimming pool. Shakespeare lives...
Excuse me while I go and upchuck
Excuse me while I go and upchuck

Wow. If someone made a comment like this about any other actor or character, like ASH or AH, he or she would be boo-ed right out of here.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you don't like a character why go to an article that by its title alone lets you know that it is going to be fixated on that character.
Aside from however you feel about Spike, I thought this article was very informative about the internet communities, I had no idea at first what a"ship" was let alone a Bangel or a Spuffy. Oh yeah, & I'm a Spikeaholic too.
I'm no Spikeaholic. I like the character in small doses. I think S6 and 7 were an overdosis and I think it's a shame the writers felt they had nothing more to say about Xander and Giles and even Dawn. Or Faith, for that matter.

I don't like posting links to articles that don't mean much to me, but this one represents a large part of the Buffy fan community. I waited two days to see if someone else would post it, but nobody did.
What ever people say about Spike, he's probably one of the most (if not the most) popular cult TV character in a very long time.
Spike, as a character, must be doing something right if he creates strong emotions in BtVS fandom, both positive & negative. Thanks for posting the link prolific.
Either that, or he's just pulling that Fonzie demographic in.
Fonzie demographic? I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean (I read the article that that comes from but I don't know exactly what you mean by it), but I suspect it's somewhat insulting. I understand the gripes that some people have about Spike's character and I try to respect them. But Spike is one of my favorite characters and I think my reasons for appreciating him are no better nor worse than anyone else's for likeing their favorite character.
I like Spike, and I've read nothing "where that comes from." It means he's the bad boy who we like and is really good, as many believe no matter what. I think it's even more a direct connection as the first emotional/human connection he made with anyone on the show was Buffy's Mom, just as Arthur and Mrs. C had.

So Spike is a good character but he's also an archetype that's proved successful in the past in the same medium. Now, if we're talking about James Marsters, well, I wasn't responding to that, so my comment wasn't directed toward him.

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OK, sorry jack knight. Hard to understand intent from the written word.
(btw, there was an article not too long ago where the writer compared Spike to Fonzie, saying that both ruined their respective shows for similar reasons. I assumed you were referring to that article)

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Spike is probably the most complex prime-time TV character of all time. Fonzie was a cartoon. I think the WB wanted Spike to come to Angel so they could get him into a contract and a spin-off show as soon as possible. James Marsters can easily carry his own show and I'm surprised Mutant Enemy hasn't floated any test balloons out on the internet yet like their Faith on a motorcycle and Slayer School concepts.
I do want to point out one thing all the female Spike fans tend to block out, he attempted to rape Buffy! I know dangerous guys are cool but I love the Buffster and watching that infamous scene from season six was stomach turning. Spike has a lot more atoning to do before I ever forget that.
vpecoraro, I think most of Spikes female fans are quite well aware of the incident. I for one don't need it pointed out to me again. I'm old enough to make up my own mind, and I'm not a fan simply because he's cool & dangerous.

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