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February 16 2009

Geek 16: Joss vs Jonathan Coulton, Stan Lee vs. Felicia Day. A March-Madness style showdown for geeks where the current round of voting pits Joss vs Jonathan Coulton and Stan Lee vs Felicia Day.

At this time (2009-02-16 13:24EST), Joss is losing by 60ish votes and Felicia is winning by 200ish votes.

Don't forget that Kaylee is up against Steve Jobs in one of the other brackets.
I refuse to vote in this anymore, since so few people gave it up for Ernie Kovacs.
Yeah, but Kovacs was up against Felicia Day, who's understandably beloved amongst the demographic who's voting in this thing. I'll be surprised if she doesn't win, honestly. I think Wil Wheaton's the only person with a shot at beating her.
I didn't say I wanted Kovacs to win. I said too few people voted for him. </getoffmylawn>

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-02-16 20:16 ]
I have to say that it's a good thing I came in at this level... it would have been very difficult to choose between Joss and Doctor Who. The good Doctor has been with me all my life, and has the most epic scarf of all time.
It's going to be really sad to see Felicia Day have to go against Joss though. Student against Master really.
If Jonathan Coulton doesn't lose to Joss, I think he could beat Felicia. I hated to vote against him, and Paul and Storm, the guys who are running the tournament, share a lot of fans with him.
That was mean. First time I've paused a little before voting for Joss. JoCo is playing here right now and my 10 year old adores him.
But there's no way I can vote for anyone other than Joss. At least we won't be upset if he loses this time.
Apparently those geeks have no respect for Stan "The Man" Lee. As much as I heart Felicia Day, she doesn't deserve to be trouncing Stan by such a huge percentage.
completely unfair, JoCo v Joss. cruel and unusual, what! these things always end up with bizarre or difficult choices

Gabe & Tycho beat Douglas Adams?? WHAT. also glad didn't have to chose between simon pegg and randall munroe

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