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February 16 2009

The Guardian muses on Dollhouse reactions in the blogosphere. Shoutouts to Whedonesque and Dollverse.

(although you won't like the insinuations Gossi)

HAH! The portrayal of us Whedonesque-ers as adolescents with a crush is rather on the mark, isn't it? I didn't quite realize that before, but looking back, the discussions here have at times greatly resembled the overanalytical spaz-attacks my friends and I had in high school over every slight gesture or eye movement of our respective crushes. "What might this MEAN?!", indeed.
I'm sorry, does she actually open this with, "I haven't watched the whole episode yet"?
*waves to Anna*

Be nice, she's a friend.
I'm sure everyone linked to is a friend of someone, somewhere. ;)

And to be fair, I dont actually discount reviewing the reaction as someone who hasn't seen it yet. Other people will base their viewing decision to some extent on that reaction, so it's fair game.

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Yeah, but not everyone is a friend of Caroline, which might make a important difference here on this site. Even before reading the comments (honestly!), I enjoyed the piece, which didn't purport to be a review, but rather a reaction, as you say b!x, even a meta-review. And it was humorous, which goes a long way. (But then I'm an old-school Grauniad reader from way back . . .)
Oh God, I'm mentioned in the newspaper I read. I've never felt more like a white middle-class fan.

By the way, I don't think Dollverse suggests how to watch the show illegally. In fact, I'm doing everything possible to get legal ways for people to watch it. I've noticed there's a site out there with ripped off episode streams which is tapping the Dollhouse fan sites, paying them to link 'em up. That won't help. They asked me, and I'm like - er, yeah, trying to stop this show getting cancelled right now, kthxbye.
I thought it seems funny that she's basing whether she'll like it on whether other people online like it. I say, watch the whole episode and decide for yourself.
Oh! Now she's wearing a different nightie! Goodness! Someone's in a bodybag. Exposure, most likely. Well that'll serve you right for wearing a nightie in public.

Hee! She should definitely liveblog her mother's reactions.
Past the restrictions of its Friday the 13th opening, and its terrible Friday timeslot in the US, and grow into a witty, warm, Whedonesque series.

Witty, yes. I don't think it was ever supposed to be warm. At least, that's my take on everything I've read and watched, and particularly something I just got done reading a short time ago.
I don't think it's meant to be warm initially but ultimately (if it runs long enough) I suspect it'll end up being fairly life-affirming, so warm in that sense. But as i've said before (and I think early reactions bear this out), I think it's gonna ask the hardest questions of the viewer of any of his shows so far, so in that sense (as Joss has said) it might turn some people off (again, hopefully just initially) - ironically, in fact, i'd say it's more likely to turn off long-time fans than others.

I love her Mum's responses, wouldn't hate seeing more of those ;).

(and yeah of course it's gonna be a letdown if you go into it expecting it to be perfect right out of the gate - even if it had no trouble at all in the making, time and again you hear TV writers say that there's a learning curve in writing both the characters themselves and for the actors playing those characters. That'd seem to be ++ GT Turbo for a show where the actors play different characters every week)
Get the Mum to blog - I'd love to read more of her commentary!

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