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February 16 2009

Joss Whedon to receive Bradbury Award from SFWA. It's an "award for excellence in screenwriting, as presented by Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America" and will be presented at their Nebula Awards weekend in April.

Congratulations Joss! What nice company to be in!
“His impact as a writer, producer and director on the science fiction and fantasy film and television landscape is undeniable, and he is more than deserving of this recognition from our organization.”

Amen to that, and then some.
That's right after the Paley Festival. I really do just need to be living in LA, not Portland.
Very well-deserved award!
I saw the dateline and thought, "At last, I can go to one of these things!" But the ceremony is in L.A., so . . . congratulations, Demon Writer of TV, Movie & Computer Screen!
oh, I was hoping for something like this. Excellent and congratulations Mr. Whedon!
I like what Joss has to say about Bradbury. I guess I never knew of this connection before - although it all makes perfect sense. Ray Bradbury's storytelling warped my young, impressionable mind in ways that could never be reversed. Good to know he touched young Joss, as well.
Congratulations, Joss, you certainly earned it. Man, I think Ray Bradbury's stories are what hooked me to scifi so many years ago. Then, you came along and showed me a whole new concept to that meaning.

Again, an award long deserving to you!
Aw, that's so nifty for Joss, and clearly, he thinks so. I like what Joss said, so I'm gonna put it here:

"'Like everyone who picks up a pen, I was a rabid Bradbury fan and as greatly influenced by him as any other writer I read,' Whedon said. 'To receive the award named for him is an honor I'd not dreamed of. In my defense, it didn't exist back then. What did exist were the very lovely, very twisted and very human stories that warped my impressionable mind, and that I have tried, in whatever medium they will let me, to measure up to.'”

As a kid, I cut my reading teeth - if such things there can be - on Bradbury, Agatha Christie, Vonnegut and Heinlein - but the stories that really got under my skin were Bradbury's. Aside from "which book would you be?" which I think we've played on here before, Fahrenheit 451 affected me to such a degree that even now when I hear helicopters hovering over my neighborhood, I dread that every door in the neighborhood may open and help the Hound to catch and poison some poor book-reading bastard.

There's lots of Bradbury that's been re-created for the radio; for those interested, I found a link to an Old Time Radio podcast, where you can download an episode of X Minus One (which I love) featuring Bradbury's "Dwellers in Silence."

Enjoy, and congratulations, Jossir.
Well deserved, well deserved! Congrats, Joss!
Holy sci-fi coincidence, Batman! Just last night I was telling my very bestest internet friend ever about "The Laurel & Hardy Love Affair," and then I see this.

Congratulations, Jossir! (Can I call you Jossir the Magnificent?)
This is really exciting - congrats Joss, so well deserved.
Much more meaningful than something like an Emmy (although that would be nice too, I'm not holding my breath for the "mainstream" to get past it's genre bias any lifetime soon).
Congratulations Joss! Next stop- NOBEL!
Me wants a Joss Whedon directed Fahrenheit 451.
So you don't want that Mel Gibson one to come back from oblivion?
Not particularly.
Simon: "Me wants a Joss Whedon directed Fahrenheit 451."

Oh gods yes.

The One True b!X: "So you don't want that Mel Gibson one to come back from oblivion?"

OMFG, I had no idea that this had even been a germ of a thought of a plan, much less that he'd optioned it. And as time wore on and plans "evolved," I'm glad this casting didn't happen, as well. It just would have been wrong.

Found this while I was looking around:

"Mel Gibson has owned the rights to do a new version of Fahrenheit 451 for 6 years. There have been 10 screenplays. Jesus Christ, shoot the book! It's a screenplay, look at the goddamned thing!" - Ray Bradbury, Barnes & Noble, 4/02
That Bradbury rant about films is most excellent reading.
Congratulations, Joss!
Give the guy a Pulitzer, an Emmy, and an Oscar (belated).


Whatever, only version of Fahrenheit 451 is Truffaut's 60's version... or was it 70's? Anyways... I couldn't finish it.

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