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February 16 2009

Dollhouse made it to #1 on iTunes. TV By The Numbers has a pic of it.

Score! I saw it hit #2 earlier and was just waiting for this.
Well deserved.
Can this help the show?
This is great news and if I remember the WGA deal correctly the writers get a share of the income. It's ad-supported streaming where they get nothing for the first 17 days.

Of course by the time the studio produces the accounts they'll say they only sold three copies on iTunes....

ETA: Wheels, yes this will help the show. This will show Fox that there are plenty of people who like the show enough to pay for it. It's easy for a few hard-core Whedon fanatics to make lots of noise of the net but unless they are all spending a fortune buying the episode again and again this proves there is a fanbase.
They expected lots of people to be out on Friday nights, this proves that they want to see the show.
That it reached No1 after three days suggests that Word Of Mouth is also good.

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Sweet mother of whoot!
Very good news and well deserved! Go go Dollhouse!
Of course by the time the studio produces the accounts they'll say they only sold three copies on iTunes....

Well, then, I bought two of them! One for me, and one as a gift.
This is great! Go Dollhouse!

And ya, I'm curious what iTunes, hulu, online viewings, etc actually means to Fox. I mean what all do they look at seriously? Now a days I would imagine that type of viewing would be easier to track than each of the Nielsen boxes representing so many people. Shrugs...
You can see some thoughts on numbers at TV by the Numbers (which also touted the news).
iTunes downloads of specific episodes are much lower than many think. 30,000 downloads of an episode over a week, can, and more often than not does, catapult a show into the top downloads list.

Those top 2 shows pretty much sum it up for me. Yes siree.
Go, Dollhouse, go! You gotta reason to live.

Sorry, had a Paul and Storm moment, lol.
Unfortunately the image doesn't seem to be working at so I've changed the link for the time being.
Shiny! I just looked and it's still up there at No 1.
I'm sure this doesn't impress Fox Broadcasting money-wise, but perhaps the visibility helps marketing-wise.
It helps press wise as it gives them something positive to write about. It also helps Kevin Reilly, Joss and Eliza in interviews, as it gives them a positive spin ('We started small on air and huge online').
So that 30,000 would be the 30,000 who tuned out by the halfway mark lol.
I am generally the optimist, but just a note of caution when looking at these numberns - iTunes rankings are determined by an accumulated total of a set period of time, i.e. "the past 7 days" or "the past 3 days." That would mean that a newcomer to the rankings, as Dollhouse was on Friday night, will likely go nowhere-but-up over the course of the following few days.

That means it wasn't getting progressively more popular over the weekend, but it had more "time behind it" to comprise part of its total.

Still, a #1 ranking is GREAT. Given that it's sci-fi and the tech savviness of Dollhouse's audience, and the "Friday night effect" (people going out that night and still wanting to see it), a good showing is to be expected. But #1 is pretty stellar.

I also think this might show that there are people who were impressed enough to want to have their own copy, even if just to rewatch and over-analyze ;)
This is great.

Seeing "Ghost" I was wondering what was made of the original pilot. Was it edited into a new episode or will it never be seen?
Ooh! I take back part of what I just said. Because Dollhouse is ranked above Battlestar Galactica.

That is very good news...

EDIT: Oh, but BSG has lower ratings, being on a cable network. Never mind...

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but BSG has lower ratings, being on a cable network. Never mind...

Surely that's good? BSG is very well known and if it's on cable, that lots of people can't get, you'd expect lots of people to watch on iTunes? So Dollhouse that anyone can watch for free on Fox beating BSG is even better.
What is a Canadian supposed to do to help out. It's not on Amazon or iTunes here...
Dollhouse Ghost has since dropped back to the #2 position, following Family Guy.
Well, that makes sense. Family Guy is immensely popular online. It is animated so it works well on small iPod/iPhone screens. And, it was new last night. I bet it regularly gets the #1 spot on Mondays.
zz9, true point. So I'm not sure whether BSG has an advantage or disadvantage in relation to Dollhouse on iTunes.

I do remember though that BSG was #1 when Dollhouse was near the bottom of the Top 10. Then Dollhouse overtook it. Perhaps that's a good sign too...
I like gossi's take.
The T:SCC blog has an entry about ways to help their show. It's interesting that they say "Hulu does not participate in Nielsenís online viewership tracking." So I guess is the way to go?
All right. I am also going to watch "Dollhouse" via, even though for me watching a TV episode (or movie) on a computer screen is very far from the Great American Dream. Very far.

"Dollhouse" has slipped to #4 on iTunes. Why does this upset me? It's the natural way of things. I only wish it hadn't slipped below the (to me) execrable Heroes.
You really need to hook your tv up to the computer Phlebotinin. It opens up a whole new world f possibilities. It is even nicer if you can afford a large HDTV. I haven't used a regular computer monitor at home for 3 years.
hulu, and itunes all are NOT counted in ratings, but are evaluated separately by the networks. Nothing affects ratings except live viewing on TV, and DVR usage.
So, is there a legal way for me to buy it online? I'm in England - AFAIK none of our broadcasters have even bought the show. :-(

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