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February 16 2009

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for January. Buffy #21 comes in at no 10 and Angel: After The Fall #16 takes 47th place. So pretty much the same as usual.

Gotta love that Buffy is still kicking ass and taking names. :)
It really has been solid for Dark Horse. "Season 10" anyone ? ;)

(though i'd expect the actual numbers sold to be lower on last month, just because Batman's numbers may still be on the downslide after RIP/Last Rites - i'd speculate that #685 will have sold more like 70-75k compared to 80k for #684)

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Is there any consolidated listing of the 21 issues to-date and their individual sales figures? I'd be curious to see any trends that those numbers would show.
Not as far as I know (though Simon sometimes does comparison charts when he's bored ;). FWIW, the trend for Buffy has generally been downwards BUT not as fast as the average for the Top 300 comics (i.e. all comics sales have been falling, Buffy's less so than most).
Personally I think its pretty fantastic. I'm always amazed when I see the sales numbers from the Buffy series. For example, Buffy beat Spiderman 2 out of 3 weeks for the month. And the other comics it beat are pretty unbelievable too...Action, Green Lantern, etc.

Plus, when you rank 10th overall, "they" don't start talking about cancellation. I'll be a happy guy if the Buffster stays around 10th place.
Is there any consolidated listing of the 21 issues to-date and their individual sales figures?



Don't forget that these are estimates and are only for North America.
Thanks Simon!
Both links now updated with this months' figures.

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