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February 17 2009

James Marsters' February Q and A. Despite having to leave straight from an event in New Jersey on Sunday to fly out to Korea for the beginning of a Dragonball Evolution World Press Tour. James Marsters found time to answer fans' questions.

This month he talks chemistry, films he avoids, and mind reading (amongst other things).

No way? Spike had chemistry with Dru. I would have never guessed.
"Any movie that ends with a prom!"

Thinking on it, that actually cuts out a lot of movies! Including the original Buffy. ;)
I don't remember if in the original "Carrie" it ends in a prom or she walk out, but in the 2002 version she goes on making some fuss.
Hhmmm..interesting Q&A.. James vs Dante...
I pick James all the way, of course!! ;-)P
I think it showed that James and Juliet really felt comfortable with eachother. They had alot of chemistry.
Brasilian Chaos Man ;Trust me the original Carrie was crap also, err I mean had quite a few post-prom scenes.

I like how James analyzes what is and isn't part of chemistry
I wonder where Dante were he living would imagine various dead Scoobies, Fang-Gangsters, and hangers-on spending eternity. So many of them qualify for more than one circle by his standards.
Technically, the "Buffy" movie ended with the Senior Dance. There was still at least the Semi Formal, the Totally Formal, and the Prom after that.

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