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February 17 2009

Where to meet Felicia Day this year plus Live Chat tonight on A blog entry from Felicia listing conventions and appearances she is planning to go to this year. And there's details of the first Live Chat she is hosting on to celebrate the Season Finale of The Guild.

Season finale already?
i'm stuck in the 6th episode couse the many problems with subtitles in the host.
Hello! Greetings from San Diego, Whedonites and closet Nazis!
You can watch the finale now. They did a great job bringing this season to a whole new level. Pretty amazing.
Yeah amazing series, but it ended on such a sad note. Hope they come back soon! Atleast we can look forward to seeing Felicia on Dollhouse.

Sadly, I think I missed the live chat. And the chat here seems to have dissapeared as sudden as it came too, anyone know what happened with that?
The Guild chat thing is not for another seven hours and ten minutes.
Ah, stupid me. Not going to be able to make that anyway, though. That's 3:30 at night for me, and I have to get up early tomorrow.
Hey, I know you, Chris! Good 'ol webby chat!

I can't wait for SDCC this year! A Guild booth would be sweeet!
Vork's wearing a Captain Hammer shirt!
The live chat which is no longer live can be seen in it's non-live entirety here It's an hour and a quarter of very weird stuff.

BTW, I made Michele "Stupid Tall Hot Girl" Boyd laugh a couple of times - which is going on my resume.

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