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February 17 2009

When you're driving and you see this, you have to take a photo. Top: Leaf on the Wind. Bottom: Wash is my Co-Pilot. The fish: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Link no work-ee.
Link no work-ee.

Wash is my Co-Pilot.
I had a car with almost the same phrase: "Wash me please."
Yeah I'm getting a 404 error.
I can see it! NICE!!! If I had a car I would get a cool plate with something whedony on it.
Copy and paste the url in your browser
I've fiddled the link a bit...
This would be easy for me to photograph, since I have one on the back license plate of my car (it was too cool to resist, I bought it at the Browncoat Back-up Bash). But my plates do not say 'GORRAM'.

edited to add: BTW that pirate fish is one of the official symbols of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (recently promoted on the Rachel Maddow Show)

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Linky fine for me. "Gorram", it says. Brilliant.
If they are a fan, I wonder if they're on whedonesque.
Thanks, Caroline. I tried that on my own and it didn't work but I was able to use yours.

That's awesome. I want that! I also like the plate itself and the pirate fish skeleton.

Surely that is someone on here?
LA? But it's a washington license plate! Maybe it's a student.
Thanks a lot embers!

I had never heard about this religion before. Here we have the "Church of The Beach of the Seventh Day" - Order you to always spend your weeekends at beach. The one of the "The Seventh Dizimum" - Pay more to the sheppard. And some people believe Chuck Norris is God :)
I believe we have a word for this:

That's Adam's/Black Market Beagles license plate frame. You can get them now on the QMx site.
I have that plate frame and love it!
I live in Washington and I think I have seen this plate before. Yes, most shiny. Whose is it?
Who takes the photo of the rear end collision that happens because someone is trying to get a good picture of the license plate? I'm all for things Whedon, but think of the whiplash, people!
Hey, that's my car!

Just kidding. I do have that plate cover on my truck though.
The link works, but you have to have a Google account, I think.

Hmm... it seems cool, but when you think about it, it's not really a good omen, is it? Seeing as what happened to Wash... heh.
I knew that someone in Washington had this plate - and many other Firefly related plates are unavailable. I tried.
Watch out for the Reaver Humvee!
Watch out for the Reaver Humvee!

"I'm picking up a lot of 2NOx...
they're burning without a catalytic converter. Well, that's,
that's suicide..."
Well that beats my GRRARGH license plate!!
I wonder if its the owners of the Wayward Cafe
If I ever needed proof that my state was full of geeks.... ;) And of COURSE it's a Prius. What else would it be?

(Mine has an Apple sticker and an Aperture Laboratories parking permit on the back. This probably says more about me than it ought to, too.)
(Mine has a Serenity ornament on the dashboard and an International Year of Astronomy sticker on the back.)
I have that plate frame as well. And my plates say BRNCOAT.

And digitalMindy- GRRARGH is a very cool plate. I wish I had it.

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