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August 24 2003

Aly in Divine Modness photo shoot. Unlike any other Aly pic you've seen.
(courtesy of the kitten board)

Divine Modness - Alyson Hannigan, Kelly Rowland and Jason Ritter get themselves in the mood for mod fashion in Rudi Gernreich's newly restored estate.

Picture 1 has this caption:

Alyson Hannigan, late of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," takes a trip down the aisle with Jason Biggs in American Wedding, channeling Mod Muse Peggy Moffitt, she wears a jumper by Moschino, turtleneck by Burberry, tights by Wolford, shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti and Bracelets by Baccarat

links are breaking in the middle and aren't clickable. Sorry, but it's worth the cut and paste

w..o..w. That's um. different. Very artsy and what, mod? Cool.. just.. very different. I like the short black hair too.
Wow, those are different.

(There was no link in your main post, it also made a bit of a mess of the frontpage so I've fixed that, but it's not that difficult to make the other links clickable - if you put some effort in, thanks!)
Bloody hell, you would hardly recognise her.
She reminds me of Buffy in her 'Death of a salesman' get-up in 'Restless,' with the black bob-cut.
I really thought the guy was Mark Wahlburg, which made me question my sense of good and evil in this world.

So, one more magazine spread about the 'mod' look. Yawn. Raise your hand if you'll be sporting a similar look this fall.

*crickets chirping*

Eh, thought not. Cute photos though.

edited to add: Jason Ritter? As in, the son of John Ritter? aka Ted?!?!? Once again, my world has been torn asunder.

[ edited by wren on 2003-08-25 16:45 ]
Oh. Mi. God.

Looks so completely *nothing* like the Alyson we're used to.

Okay. I so don't get it. Looks like Laurie Anderson had babies with an anatomically correct Ken doll.

...Ahhh... that's better.

No really. I got the perfect spinoff. A powerful jewish uberwitch. A relatively tangible agnostic ghost. A zen buddist werewolf. Hey. it could work honest. Call it Wanna Blessed Be the series. Make it a situation comedy.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2003-08-26 06:31 ]
wierd but artistic, the only feature I recognised was her mouth.

Reminded me of Edina's flashback in AbFab.
oh god, jenniwren-that's it exactly!

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