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February 17 2009

(SPOILER) Castle episode 1.01 details. Synopsis and promo photos for episode 1.01 of Castle.

Air date March 9th. Includes some very nice shots of Nathan :-)

A bit ridiculous to see him listed as Nathan Fillion from Desperate Housewives, it will always be Firefly for me (and all of us, I'd guess). Makes a lot sense of though: Desperate Housewives is better known, seems to aim more at the same kind of audience and all us Firefly fans love our Captain too much to not give his new show atleast one chance, right?

Just look at those facial expressions in the poker shots.

Anaway, looking forward to it. And I hope there is going to be some sort of discussion thread for the ep, since it will the first of a series starring a Whedon star.
I'm actually really looking forward to this. It looks like it'll have a goofy sort of vibe, like Psych. Plus I'll totally be able to get my mom into it. ;)
I recently saw part of the first episode (I think) of Psych on the BBC. It's silly fun and like this series (Nathan!) it has strong leads in James Roday and Dulé Hill (West Wings Charlie!) so that's also somtehing I'd might like to watch some more of.
the Groosalugg,

Also Desperate Housewives is an ABC show. So ABC would tend to advertise their own series.
If you're selling a product you should sell it to as wide a market as possible. By selling Nathan to just the Desperate Housewives crowd is cutting out a potential market and I was really confused why they didn't mention any of his other stuff. Although, can you imagine all the Halo gamers tuning in for a bit of Castle, knowing nothing about the show. I'd be all set for moats and fortresses and jousting and oh jousting! And Nathan in armour with a big sword. Oh! for the sword. There really should be swords...

But I digress

Thank you Anon1. The fact that they are both ABC shows makes perfect sense now. Anyone that isn't in the US and can only get the advertising for the show here are now less confused and grateful.
Being non US based too, I didn't realise the ABC thing either. Thanks for the thought Anonymous1.

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