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February 17 2009

Charisma Carpenter Brings CSI a Touch of Mink. Charisma Carpenter lands a guest starring spot on the hit series.

May contain spoilers.

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This is awesome news! Good exposure, as well. She recently switched agencies and she's been on a roll. Go CC!
Awww, she's going to be on one of my favorite shows, even though Grissom is gone gallivanting in the Amazon forest somewhere with Sara. And I love the title of that article - must mean that Charisma will be as eternal as Doris Day.
I just love her. That wit. That humor. I'm glad she's landed a CSI spot. The should offer her a role as a regular. She has more pizazz and oomph than that sort of bland blonde chick who recently landed a role. Not that I think she's terrible, but just not terribly energizing, in my opinion.

CSI is positively humming with Whedon-related folk these days. You have the amazing Lawrence (Laurence) Fishburne (who is married to Gina Torres) as a new regular. And you have the actress oh-my-god-spacing-her-name who was in the Evil League of Evil in Dr. Horrible. And aren't one or two Buffy writers working for CSI these days?
Fury Leika is on CSI!? How did I miss that?
You bet. Look for Liz Vassey. THAT'S her name. I think the connection between her and the Whedons begins with her having played a role on Bed Edlund's "The Tick."

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Oooh, skydiver? I'm sure I read somewhere that Charisma liked to do that (but wasn't allowed to by her Angel contract), I wonder if she'll be doing some for the role?
This is great news! I'm not a regular viewer of the show but I'll certainly look forward to watching this episode.
She has more pizazz and oomph than that sort of bland blonde chick who recently landed a role.

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my earlier TV crushes, Louise Lombard, on there (I don't really watch it so i've no opinion on the character or how well she plays it though). Maybe she's another actress that has trouble emoting through an American accent (as was the case IMO with Michelle Ryan on 'Bionic Woman') ?

And yay for Charisma, seems like a lovely lady.
phlebotinin, that's awesome. All together now, "It's a small world after all ..."

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