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February 18 2009

(SPOILER) Press Release for Dollhouse 1x04 "Gray Hour". Spoiler TV has the details about the fourth episode of Dollhouse which was written by the series showrunning duo Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain.

Edit: I'm wrong.

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Ooh, I wonder what the is?
Don't we all? :)
Ah, the famous "Gray Hour"!

How's Rod Hardy as a director?

EDIT: Lalala.

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Edit: Lalala.

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I'm curious about Liza Lapira's role, who is supposed to be recurring in several episodes. Originally I was thinking that she might play one of the dolls, but "Ivy" doesn't sound like a doll name (unless it's her pre-doll name)... Hmm, maybe she'll play one of Ballard's colleagues from FBI, which was my second guess? Or perhaps a girl that is being trafficked by the Borodins...?

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