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February 18 2009

James Marsters promotes Dragonball. He and his castmates are promoting Dragonball in South Korea where the film opens next month. He's looking 'pinker' than in the trailer.

Another difference, he said, is that the film does not feature Lord Piccolo's superpower ability of dismembering himself

That made me giggle for some reason. That's a pretty rubbish superpower.
Unless you need to post yourself somewhere.
Well, it probably makes for a snappy get-out-of-jail-free card.
Sounds like fun. *g* And my, doesn't he look cute. :)
Another story about Dragonball, with quotes from JM. link
Looking forward to this, although the no dimemberment thing...;)
I wonder if James will get in trouble for spoiling!
Yikes. I take it the Fox style minion who selected his apparel is not a fan -- the poor man looks like a dwarf in that length jacket.
Mr. Marster is a fine actor. However his taste in clothing and his instancts for what is appropriate are (horrible, abominable, pick a word). He seems really quite intelligent, but he can't dress himself to save his life. It looks like Adam Baldwin lent him his jacket. It would have been better to have lent him Jayne's hat.
I like his coat. That's a cool coat.
Yeah, that 'dismemberment' thing was kinda dumb. Piccolo's actual power is to instantly (and bloodily, and painfully) regrow lost limbs. It looks cool in the anime, shame it won't be in the movie - I would assume that graphic ripping-off of limbs would garner an R rating for sure.
It was told that the movie production company supplied James with suitable clothes for all the Dragonball premieres . I feel otherwise he'd be in his comfy jeans and tee shirts. He had black jeans, white button down shirt and a black vest(waistcoat) on at his Valentine's Day event and he looked fantastic. I agree that coat is too long and boxy for a man of James' height. It either had to be longer or shorter to be flattering. Besides the fashion faux pas, James looked great. He's looking younger, handsome but still very mature. Does he still have jeans on?
He was wearing dark grey jeans on Sunday. Very fantastic.

I may be prejudiced, since I have a longer suit jacket that I love, and I'm much shorter than he is. And they always looked great on Scully.

I really like the long jacket.

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