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February 18 2009

Five brain-manipulating technologies that prove Dollhouse exists right now. Article from io9 about crazy but true(ish) science that is related to Dollhouse-style mindgames.

Also, it's near the front page of Digg right now, so Digg it up and feel free to comment in the thread about how awesome Dollhouse is.

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The electrode in the brain thing is a whole new level of creepy.
Nice to see Dollhouse getting some press, and a few interesting bits of science are showcased here, but I hardly believe that these few things prove that a completely new personality can be imprinted on somebody, just that they might be able to be controlled like a robot.
Well, yes, the title is a bit of an overstatement. Note that it doesn't just say that they prove that Dollhouse could exist right right now, it says that they prove that Dollhouse exists right now.

io9 is clearly on a pro-Dollhouse kick right now. More power to them! As long as they keep writing stories aobut Dollhouse, they'll get my pageviews.
They forgot Number 6: WHEDONesque comments.
Odd that only one of their five examples (the first) seems relevant to the Dollhouse premise. (I don't think we're supposed to be thinking that someone is steering the Actives by remote control, are we?).
I can see some good episodes arising when they inevitably lose the remote though ("Quick Boyd, check down the back of the sofa, it's our only hope !" or "Dammit Topher, I told you we should've used Duracell !").

Cool to see press for the show even if io9 apparently doesn't actually know what 'Dollhouse', 'exists' or 'right now' really mean.
They forgot Number 6: WHEDONesque comments.

If reading Whedonesque comments could change a person then I'd be Tony Bennett.
Go on, give us a tune.
Yeah, but see, you can't quite choose what the whedonesque comments turn you into. Me, I was a successfull hot-shot playboy multibillionaire weapondesigner before whedonesque. Now... not so much.
Tony, is that you? (GVH, not Simon and Stark, not Bennett)
I am pretty sure that .
What's left of me, zeitgeist, what's left of me. *sigh*
Even as we speak, C. Montgomery Burns could have the world's leading neuroscientists on his payroll ready to erase all those unpleasant memories of him trying to bring permanent darkness to Springfield.

It's apparently a brave brave new world of mind-control paranoia.

Let's be careful out there.
*puts on foil hat for safety*
Heh heh heh: my experiment in making korkster think he just put on a tinfoil hat is a success! Next: make him think he's reading!

ETA: why can't the being controlling my brain make it spell right?!

[ edited by snot monster from outer space on 2009-02-19 02:57 ]
There was a story on the local news last night about one of the drugs being used to help soldiers suffering from PTSD forget bad memories. My 10 year old turned to me and said "Crap mom, do you think Joss has heard about this?"
make him think he's reading

Now that's just evil, snot monster. (Btw, korkster's a she ;)). Although I'm pretty sure leaves one's identity and memories in check, so that's certainly an upside.
Btw, korkster's a she ;

So the gender reprogram's up and running too. Good...good...

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