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February 18 2009

Browncoat Ball registration is open. The Ball will be from October 2nd to the 4th. Start planning now!

In 2009, the Portland of Oregon gets the honor of hosting the Browncoat Ball. For this year's Ball, Portland is eager to welcome Browncoats from our neighboring communities of Eugene, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. Also, the Rose City is opening her doors for folk near and far to discover the Pacific Northwest's beauty and charm.
Portland, also known as "The Rose City," is an environment of choices and contrasts. Bisected by the peaceful Willamette River as it flows into the mighty Columbia River, within easy driving distance of mountains, desert, and the Pacific Ocean, Portland caters to a variety of different tastes and lifestyles. "Diversity" has been Portland's watchword throughout its history, and it still is today.

We are so excited to welcome Browncoats from all over to Portland this year!

We have quite a Ball planned. Hope you can attend (check out our payment plan on the Registration page of the site).

(thanks for posting, Traevynn!)
Hope everyone has a great time.
Have been to the last two (Philly and Austin). They are so shiny (no special guests, no autographs, but lots of great browncoats!)

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