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February 18 2009

Live performance of Dr. Horrible at Trinity College, Connecticut. It'll be running from tomorrow through till Saturday. Apparently this is "the first live performance ever produced". But a Whedonesque reader points out that this is not the case.

anyone know if this is open to the public? i'd totally go. but i can't seem to find anything on the school's website.
This is just incredibly fabulously wonderfully horribly fabulous. I love it!

Btw, Dr. Horrible is at #9 in bestselling DVDs at Amazon (US) and is in the top 5 of bestselling TV seasons at iTunes. What longevity and legs this project has.
SWEET!!!! I guess without 20th Century Fox this type of thing is more easy to do :)
Well, technically speaking the rights to do a live performance of a show is a different beast than a screening of an actual filmed work anyway. (If only because, like in the case of OMWF, the issue wasn't Fox, it was SAG wondering why they weren't getting any residuals.)
Will they have someone playing the SMG cameo?

Hah! That's very meta-funny and the like, chazman. They absolutely should have someone do that.
This is a beautiful thing.
next stop: Broadway!!
Record it and put it on Youtube. Please.
I emailed the director for info and got the following.
I read at the Facebook Event page that the event is free.

The show is at 7:30pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 19th, 20th and 21st.

Here's the Facebook Event:

Garmany Hall is located at the Austin Arts Center at Trinity College, 300 Summit St, Hartford, CT.


Seating for the performances is first-come, first-served, so I recommend arriving very early (1 hour or more) to get a good seat.
Trinity College won't know what hit them.

We need a report or as Krusher said, some sort of video (assuming it's okay with the show-putter-on'ers.
How do the rights for that break down? Presumably they just cleared it with the actual creative team?

Mr. W?
(If only because, like in the case of OMWF, the issue wasn't Fox, it was SAG wondering why they weren't getting any residuals.)

Wait, what? Does the original cast of a Broadway play or musical get residuals if it gets made into a film? That sounds nuts.
Why would the SAG residuals thing have to do with Broadway casts getting residuals of something that goes to film? Isn't the Screen Actors Guild only for actors of the big and small screen? Or have I been getting it wrong this whole time? (Eminently possible.)

edited to add: human_loser, there's something on the site about what you need to do if you want to put on a "Horrible" show. I think.

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You're misunderstanding what I was saying. Someone above made a remark about how easy it must be to get rights when you don't have to deal with Fox. That was a reference to the rights crackdown that came down on public showings of Once More With Feeling (and other Fox properties).

My comment was meant to point out that the comparison is illegitimate because there's a difference between getting rights to screen a TV episode and getting rights to just perform the script of one, and to reiterate that the reason the OMWF public screening rights got pulled wasn't because Fox was being douchy, but because the actors union realized the actors weren't getting paid for such re-use.

SAG has nothing to do with stage performances of the scripts to TV shows, nor was that what I was saying.

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SAG has nothing to do with stage performances of the scripts to TV shows, nor was that what I was saying.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

Why would the SAG residuals thing have to do with Broadway casts getting residuals of something that goes to film?

No, from the earlier post I thought he was saying that SAG had put the kibosh on a "live" performance of OMWF because they wanted residuals for the actors. Had that been the case it would have seemed a bit of an overreach because it's not as if stage actors get paid when SAG actors play roles that they originated. But now I realize that that wasn't the point of the first post.

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I also might have overly short-handed my first post out of the silly assumption that people would know what I meant even if I didn't specify all the details. Heh.
I'd be interested to hear about the rights to this and whether they were, you know, obtained. Not that it isn't awesome (and oh em gee I am so envious of the director, cast and crew) but I have been inundated with emails from folks asking me if I knew who to ask if they could do the show. And I don't know who to ask.
I contacted the director and he told me that they didn't obtain rights from Mutant Enemy. Instead they're putting the show on through the Educational Fair Use Policy, which allows students to reproduce "certain aspects" of published material without getting permission.

(I'm going to see it! Boy, it sure is nice to live in Connecticut.)
"Fair Use," eh? Hope they're not charging admission.
There is no version of "fair use" which permits "wholesale reproduction of an entire work".
Which is not to say Timescience Bloodclub (the actual owner of the copyrights, according to the credits) would object to such a performance -- obviously they're the only ones that could decide. But it drives me crazy, the numbers of people who basically invent their own version of "fair use" to cover whatever it is they want to do.
It's not listed on their public events calendar, and I can find no mention of an admission charge. My guess it that it's a student production for Trinity students only?

From the venue's website:
"FREE TICKETS are available with a current Trinity ID. (1 per student / 2 per employee) for pick up in-person only at the AAC box office. No telephone reservations are accepted for Trinity I.D. tickets. DISCOUNTED tickets are offered to seniors age 60 or older, and students of all ages not enrolled at Trinity College."

With only 50 seats in the venue, my guess is that it'll be full of students who aren't paying admission, and they aren't expecting anyone to arrive who'd be paying admission.
Amen to that, bIX. Amen to that.

And no, snot, they're not charging admission.)
It's free and open to anyone, first-come, first-served.
It's not under the Fair Use provision. Educational use is one of many exemptions described in section 110 of US copyright law. It's perfectly fine, for example, for a teacher to show an entire movie to his students. Whether a public theatrical performance by students on school property qualifies, I couldn't say for sure, but I expect it doesn't.
A very nice reader sent me a link about an earlier live performance.
Depending on how you interpret the words, the statement could be correct. If you're going by release date, than it's CM. But if you're going by when production started, than it's TC. CM's production started in January; TC's started in December.
kiba, on in the FAQ section, there's a statement that people interested in airing or putting on Dr. Horrible should contact the official Dr. Horrible "Project Manager," Rachel Rhee. Elsewhere on the site is an interview with Rhee in which this is said:

"A lot of people are interested in public performances of Dr Horrible either in the form of screenings or live productions, is it going to be possible for people to be granted permission to do this? What will be involved in receiving permission?

RR: It is definitely going to be possible for people to hold screenings or live adaptations of Dr. Horrible. On Halloween, there is actually going to be a charity screening of it at the Fairfax Regency here in LA. We’re actively collecting requests and are reviewing them one by one. If you are interested in creating some sort of event involving Dr. Horrible, feel free to pass that information along to the webmaster, and she’ll make sure to get it through to us."

Seems straightforward enough.

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I saw the musical today and talked to the director and some of the actors. They wanted me to tell everyone that due to popular demand an extra showing is being added on Friday at 4:30.

If you can make it, I highly recommend going. I've seen the show twice (a dress rehearsal and opening night) and it is definitely worth seeing.
phlebotinin, you win at life. I just didn't look at closely enough. Thank you thank you for the info - I will pass it on to the folks who ask me!
It's really kind of a silly process. They should just have a web form on itself that emails the correct person. Doing it via the fansite based on information which no one knows about unless someone just happens to know and thinks to mention it? Oy.

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