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February 18 2009

James Leary Joins the Cast of Lilly. Our Clem has been cast as 'Adam' in the new UK horror feature 'Lilly', which is currently in pre-production.

There isn't a lot of info to be found at this time, but the link is to the flick's Facebook Group page for those who want to keep track.

The feature is written by Eamon Wyse and James joins a cast of Sophia Ellis (Zombie Diaries), Natalie Celino (Furor, Umbrage), Tommy Gunn (Ten Dead Men, Batman Begins) and George McCluskey (The Dibar Circle).

Fun stuff!! Jimmy is one of the nicest people I know- he deserves all sorts of success! Maybe he'll get to star in the screen adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!"
Good for James - he's a funny, nice guy who deserves lots more work!

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