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February 18 2009

(SPOILER) Zoic's Dollhouse Mind Wipe. VFX talks to Zoic Studios about their visual effects work Dollhouse. Discussion of effects shots in non-aired episode(s) contained within.

Okay, I'd like to see the finale now, please.
Oooooo. That finale is intriguing.
I wonder if the half-budget was out of necessity or artsyness.
Probably both.
The last time Whedon and Zoic brought us artful necessity, we got Mal dangling over a spinning death trap. Whee!
I'm so torn. I wish Joss would say that the finale sucks, so I don't simultaneously want the season to end and go on forever.
I'm tickled orange by this. And it was insightful to see just how much visual effects play in shows. Felicia posted a blog yesterday (?) about the breakdown of visual effects in the Guild Season 2 finale, and I found that fascinating.

I wish I knew how to do this stuff.
Sounds pretty interesting.
Maybe like a Lars von Trier Dogville-esque stage.
They ran out of money shooting Dollhouse, basically. They shot 14 episodes on a 13 episode budget, so hence why there was the wacky situation of production on 3 episodes overlapping at one point.

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