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February 18 2009

(SPOILER) Castle-Behind the scenes. Spoiler TV has posted a 'behind the scenes' promo for Castle.

Nathan(and his character) comes across well, there seems to be a lot of humour there. And a little bit of on- screen chemistry with his co-star Stana Katic, playing Det. Kate Beckett.
(I'm not sure where\ what the original source for this is at the moment.)

period Rosalind, add a period at the end of the title.
lol, done- sorry, missed that one!
I wasn't planning on watching this, but now I'm thinking I might actually check out an episode and see if it's funny.
I think this show is going to have the same kind of vibe that Psych has and I absolutely love that show.

Plus Nathan. I'm totally in. Oh, also I've seen the pilot and it's fun.
Looks great! I'll be tuning in March 9th.
I'll be watching (probably online) just for Nathan, but it looks like it'll be a fun show aside from him. That was a great video.
Definitely will be watching. Seems pretty fun, especially for this type of show. And it has NATHAN in the lead! Don't hope this will keep him too busy for genre stuff for a whole bunch of years though (I'm selfish like that).
It looks like your run of the mill cop dramedy (which means it won't get canceled!) but Nathan still seems adorable and funny so I'll be tuning in for the first episode, at least.
It looks very entertaining to me, lots of light comedy. It appears the Captain is gonna have a Mainstream Hit on his hands. This is not exactly a Bad thing, y'know. :)
It looks like your run of the mill cop dramedy

It is a dramedy, but are there really enough of those that are "cop" shows to make it "run of the mill"

There were some in the past like Scarecrow And Mrs. King, but right now I can only think of Bones and maybe The Mentalist in some episodes. The rest of the cop shows are just Drama which is why I don't like them. Psych is out there as well but it is just comedy without the drama.
There are other dramedies like leverage and Burn Notice, but they are not cops, or at least not anymore.

I guess I am just saying that we really don't have a show with this set up right now besides maybe Bones. If it is Bones with more humor, it will definitely be on my list.
Well you can count on Nathan to bring the humor - if the scripts a decent he has the charm to make the show a big hit. I'll be watching. It's so exciting to have some new shows to watch - this and Dollhouse!

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