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February 18 2009

Mark Sheppard and Rod Rowland got burned but with notice. As they both guest star on the current episode of Burn Notice.

This was a brilliant episode, of course I adore 'Burn Notice'. And it is such a pleasure to see Mark Sheppard on my TV so often, in addition to 'Burn Notice' last Thursday he was on 'Leverage' last night (and amazingly good in both)!
This was my favorite Burn Notice ever.
This was a good episode. Best part to me, though, was having Alex Carter, one of my favorite actors, back as Jason Bly. He also appeared in Bones' "The Man in the Bear" (the episode that addicted me to Bones) and will be in Castle's episode "Ghosts".

Completely O/T, but when I searched Sheppard "Burn Notice" this post did not come up at all. Something is seriously weird with that search app.
Mark Sheppard is excellent in whatever role he plays. I just wish he would settle down on some show permanently, if only so I'll know where to see him next.
Sly, do you think that that might be back on BSG again? I have to say that I'm loving seeing him on all my favorite shows! He really is all kinds of awesome.
Hardest working actor in L.A.? He gets a lot of work, good for him!
Mark told me in December that he had done 2 more BSG episodes. Since then only 1 has aired, so I'm sure he's back for one more. Don't know which one though!
Yep, I was over the moon to see Mark Sheppard just pop up in 'Burn Notice' last week, he was in the teaser so it wasn't even spoiled by credits IIRC and for it to then be an absolutely brilliant episode was gravy. Most fans talk about the "how-to"s as one of their favourite parts and this ep was absolutely chock-full of them.

It's cool to see him in 'Leverage' too, in fact I think of these shows as almost two peas from the same pod - neither of them are about big ideas and neither really speak to grand human truths but they're both just amazingly good fun with great characters, great chemistry and a light touch. Long may they both continue.

(and Rod Rowland always gives good baddie too, liked him since way back in S:AAB)
I agree Saje, it is old fashioned good guys against the bad guys.
But I do like the twist that the good guys are outlaws and the bad guys are often the government or some big business. Not that it is a new concept, Robin Hood comes to mind, but it is nice to see some outlaw good guys every week since we do not have Firefly anymore.

So Leverage and Burn notice do try to point out some of the ills of our society, but they don't dwell on the issues beyond the set up. They keep it lite and fun.
Exactly Jaynes Hat. Both shows are what used to be called "good clean fun" and no worse off for it IMO.
I love Leverage. Aldis Hodge is fantastic in it, and the whole cast is great. Add Mark as the occasional bad guy and what's not to love?!
I too really enjoyed seeing MS show up on Burn Notice. Burn Notice is one of the shows my son and I HAVE TO watch together. It is so well done, it really is a joy to watch.

Question: How many shows has Mark Shepard NOT been on? There are a lot of shows I do not watch, but it seems like every time I start catching up on a show, there he is. I think Heroes is one he hasn't been on yet, and maybe Numb3rs...
Fantastic episode. Mark Sheppard is brilliant.

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