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February 18 2009

Star of The Lost Experience coming to Dollhouse! Granted, at one time I wanted to see "Rachel" appear on ABC's Lost, but this is at least as good!

Jamie Silberhartz, aka Rachel Blake, aka Persephone, from the ARG called "The Lost Experience" back in 2006 will make an appearance in the March 20th episode of Whedon & Dushku's Dollhouse! ..Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. This is according to the official Jamie Silberhartz website. I'm still looking for confirmation elsewhere, but could use a little help in that department.

Hrm. Which one is March 20? Man on the Street or True Believer?
Man on the Street, I think. And the BSG-finale.

I can't possibly be the only one who remembers Rachel Blake.
As the one-time secret keeper of, I remember.

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