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February 18 2009

(SPOILER) 'Battlestar' actor moves into the 'Dollhouse'. Tahmoh talks to the Chicago Tribune about improvisation on a Joss show, Kazuo Ishiguro, and his character. And Tahmoh is also on G4tv's Attack of the Show - you can watch the clip via the link.

Very interesting article, I thought. There seems to be a fair amount of new information (not necessarily about Dollhouse itself, but about his views on the character and themes and such). Spoiler avoiders, I don't think any plot points are given away; there's just some discussion by Tahmoh of Paul's arc.

Merged the Attack of the Show link with this one for efficiency's sake. Thanks to RavenU for that one.

I know it's terribly cliched, but I do rather like Olivia.
They cut the funny out of the Dollhouse clip at the beginning of the AOTS interview.
I enjoy seeing what a positive working relationship Tahmoh and Joss have. There seems to be a lot of mutual respect which is very cool.
Huh, what a coincidence, I just posted about Never Let Me Go! I can see what he means about the similarity, interesting.
I thought Never Let Me Go was interesting, but one thing really bothered me about that book:

After I read Never Let Me Go I was actually a little bit worried about Dollhouse. I loved the book, sure, but after I thought about the different levels the connections could be played out, I was worried that Dollhouse will end up as a "sad and confused" masterpiece. That by the end of the season, I will be crying and weeping and asking "What does it mean?". I am a little afraid that Dollhouse will see heartbreak and sadness and an undercurrent of pure melancholy that will eventually break my heart.

That's why I'll love it, of course. But it also frightens me a bit.
That's why I'll love it, of course. But it also frightens me a bit.

Joss does like to rip us out of our comfort zone, doesn't he? After he sets it up all nice...with pillows and scented candles ;-)
Did that lady say Tahmoh's name wrong? We must correct. I can't wait to see more of his character.

It is funny though that both Helo & Paul started out separated from the group... and how much goodness they (will?) bring once they joined the gang.

I can't wait for that moment.

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