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February 19 2009

(SPOILER) More preview pages from Buffy 8.23 "Predators and Prey". Newsarama offers us seven pages from next month's Season Eight comic book. It's longer than Dark Horse's preview.

See? And people think Buffy hasn't matured - I'd have probably strangled Andrew with his own tongue LONG before we ever got on the train...
Oh, I love Season 8. Haven't said that yet, right? Because I'm still catching up. Great preview pages though.

It's unseasy how this arc feels like the calm before the storm.
That Andrew monologue-page is a mine of pop culture references even I, Andrew redux, will need Wikipedia for. Yeah, I'm that sad.
These preview pages are crazy funny and everything, but I gotta say it: The art is terrible. I miss Cliff Richards. Seriously.
I laughed out loud when Andrew starts singing the Jem theme song... he he ...
Andrew's monologue made my head spin. I agree with you Rowan, I couldn't have taken it for long! Looking forward to the issue though.
It's kinda scary but Andrews talk about all that stuff? I totally got almost all of it and sometimes I'm like that and I know people wanna strangle me but I can't stop. XD

And Daniel Craig is awesome. I was dissapointed in his first Bond flick, but his second one is awesome. Saw it twice.

I'll shut up now. XD
Oh, I loved that. Damn, may have to go in and face the comic shop man. Haven't picked up my subs in months.
Andrew's been watching lots of How I Met Your Mother. "What uuuuuup?" and "Sweet"? Where's Barney? :D

And I loved all the references :) Looking forward to read that issue.
Andrew still makes me grit my teeth and his monologue here does nothing to help but Buffy geeking out over Daniel Craig was cute.
And it was a nice bit of continuity, too.

But I'm throwing in my hat with the Andrew- take him or leave him mob. I find him one dimensional and just do not 'get' his appeal.
That was a good preview, loved the Andrew dialogue.
Hee. That was fun. I loved Buffy and Andrew bonding over Daniel Craig (nice continuity indeed), and the pop-culture references made me laugh out loud at a couple points. :D Andrew's likeness is still a bit off, though. Hopefully Jeanty will have gotten him down by the end of this arc.
Well, not to repeat myself from another thread, but I loath Andrew. With passion. Worst character ever in the 'verse.
Wow, that travel page was a lot to take in but I loved it. I can't wait to get my hands on this issue.

They are still playing Andrew as sitting on the fence sexuality wise
All that dialogue superimposed over the travel scenes is just hilarious.
I like it, it also goes a way to showing how Andrew knows so much about Magic and Monsters these days, because he clearly at home goes online, starts reading about flesh-eating kittens on demonwikipedia and ends up 6 hours later having read through a complete history of 17th century slayers, demons that are afraid of the dark, levels of hell, and DC comicbook villians.
mgmn, I'm right there with you. just commit, already, guys.
I adore Andrew. Good to see the guest-age come up with the goods. Looking forward to the issue.
Two things: I wanna go on record and say that I'm a badge-carrying Andrew-phile (as much as I am a Lenk-ophile), and on the subject of Andrew's coming out status, I think the more he keeps mum (Daniel Craig's trunks comment) the more he is out. It's just the writers' way to make a statement keeping in line with the character's volatile nature. Come on, Anderson Cooper, the Spiceworld tee and the Jem theme.. I understand that many would prefer an out and proud type, but Andrew is (still) essentially comic relief, and maybe a proper coming out wouldn't mesh with the character's nature.
I enjoyed the preview and especially what it showed about Buffy - her growth, maturity and ye-gods an inordinate amount of patience. I'd have been gagging Andrew on the plane and she made it all the way through, only to interrupt him when she could actually contribute to the convo. It's quite possibly the most sympathetic Buffy we've seen in a while and fits perfectly with her character when you consider her soft spot for outcasts (Jonathan, Willow in S1). Seems to be a pretty clear set-up for Buffy and Simone. Simone is the bully and Buffy is the one who stands up for those who can't fight back.

Nice catch, Pointy!

Sparticus, good call on why Andrew would have all this knowledge. Being made a watcher is like giving an obsessive geek a mission to learn all the rules of the 'verse but actually make it count.
I know a number of men who, like Andrew, are forever vague about their sexuality. Into women, but always joking, hinting, unsure of who or what they are deep down. And they're not teenagers. Not even young men.

The character feels very real to me. Why would the writers have to chose? Why should Andrew have to chose? Why should anyone?
These preview pages are crazy funny and everything, but I gotta say it: The art is terrible. I miss Cliff Richards. Seriously.

Really? I love Georges Jeanty's work, but I think Cliff Richard's drawings look like random blobs.
Personally, I love both. Georges has grown immensely since issue 1, and Cliff is just a favorite of mine from his work with DC. He's been drawing the Huntress mini last year, and for who has a minimal knowledge of Helena Bertinelli, she's DC Comics' Faith, both in likeness, troubled past and attitude. I was reading the mini and fantasizing on how good Cliff would've been at drawing Faith, and ta da.. Cliff on Safe.
Yeah, I'm not a fan of Richards over Jeanty. I particularly love the way Jeanty draws the characters' expressions and especially their eyes.

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Hee! That was great. I predict this issue will be my favorite in some time. I loved the BSG references and also the "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" nod.
I agree with Caroline on this. I don't think everyone's sexuality has to be spelled out. Maybe Andrew isn't sure, maybe he doesn't want to talk about it. There are a multitude of reasons not to spell it out. I think not doing so is more reflective of real life.
Maybe it's completely irrelevant. Or wait. Not "maybe". It's completely irrelevant. Since I seriously doubt we're going to be exploring any romantic storyline for Andrew, he could be a eunuch for all the significance it has on the storyline.
Wow buffy and andrew bonding. Who woulda thunk it.
Yeah, I know real-life Andrews who are straight until proven gay. Some people just can't make themselves come out until a guy is in their life, which I don't see happening to Andrew anytime soon, so people just need to deal with it. People are just weird sometimes. And maybe this is a stretch, but Andrew essentially killed his best friend, so I don't see him allowing himself to mature out of the age-frame in which that happened for a very long time, if that makes sense.
That was awesome. Their bonding was like a hug.
Big on the love for this preview. And also big on the shame for getting, like, almost all of Andrew's references.
Are we dealing with more chronology problems ie. stuff they couldn't have known in late 2004 early 2005?

Oh,w ell, "IOHEFY."
Well you could argue that it's a different dimension to ours and so events happen at different times there. Heck I remember some highly complex theories back in the day that explained why Sunnydale and Angel's Los Angeles were in different universes when the shows were on the air.
My theory is dramatic convenience.

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