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February 19 2009

Buffy Tell Overture. Seven seasons in three minutes.

That's one of my favourite Whedonesque links ever. Awe-some!
I've had this video on my computer for a while. It's amazing, one of my favorites too.
Aww good times.
Buffy = a brilliant story, well told...and not done yet!
It was fun but I don't know about awesome. I like the idea, but to me "abridged" means the story arcs are a bit more understandable with the important moments standing out and speaking for themselves. I also felt like there was too much emphasis placed on stuff that doesn't matter in the end in regards to defining the show and not enough on that which did.

For instance, I would like to have seen a shot of Buffy alone and leaving Sunnydale at the end of "Becoming part 2" because I believe that was the first visually significant moment that showed Buffy as ultimately alone, an important thematic thread for the series. Instead the video jumped right into her bashing Master Bones. Of course, maybe that sort of thing just wouldn't work with the "William Tell" and its inexorable race to the end.
Couldn't agree more, Gossi – 3 minutes 20 seconds of pure joy.
Still can't help thinking it should have a spoiler tag as it it reveals EVERY plotline EVER!

Yes, that's a joke
applause applause applause!
That.....Was.....AWESOME! The editing was especially top notch. Before I watched it, I thought it was going to include dialogue. It didn't, but this was still pretty neat to watch. Thumbs up, so says me. Now someone should do one for Angel. :)
Cool, but I don't see Wesley in there... Am I just too slow, or did they forget him?
Has anyone seen the super quick catch ups for LOST and BSG? They are pretty much like this but with voice over telling you what has happened and usually they are really funny. I would love to see someone do that with all 7 seasons of Buffy.

This video is definitely cool though.
Wait, Ben is Glory?
Heehee... when I was involved with the Buffy Sing-A-Longs in NYC we would almost always play this before watching/performing OMWF. This brings back good memories :)
That was extremely well done. Matched the music beautifully.
That was awesome. My stomach hurts from trying to laugh quietly enough to keep hearing the music.
Perfect!! :) I really loved this! And the music is perfect. He/she did a really good job editing this tribute.

I don't think Wes was in this one.

I wonder if it would make any kind of sense to someone unfamiliar to the show?
Even viewed in a split second, the sight of Xander holding a restored Willow at the end of Season 6 brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful!!
That was amazing! Some of those cuts were billiant! I especially liked that Harmony's "Come out and die" note was included.
Very nice ! Well done !
A wonderful video, jsut wonderful.

angry_puppy, pretty sure it would be non-stop non-comprehension to anyone unfamiliar with the show.

Reminds of midway through Season 7, a colleague and friend of my wife and me, having heard us rave about Buffy, watched a mid-season episode, with almost no context.

Very nicely done. These things always remind me of what I think of as "All of the World's Greatest Art in Three Minutes Flat" to the tune "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams on the old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. (Officially it's "3000 Years of Art" by Dan McLaughlin, and doesn't seem to be available online.)
This is by a fanvidder called Rowena. Her site is now totally defunct (I cry for all the lost fanvids I can no longer find). This fanvid has been around for years and one of the few that has survived past website deletions.

I'm still hoping to find missing fanvids like "Apocalypse" (a fast-paced, fast-edited AtS series one), "The Devil's Dance Floor" (Angel/Darla) with the green and red flashes and "Mandy" (Darla). I've managed to collect some on my computer that have since gotten deleted. I'm also looking for a downloadable version of Ryan's "Float On" (AtS season 5). I've gotten most of his. Oh, and the "Heartbreaker" (Angel) vid--it was heartbreaking that Youtube deleted it before I downloaded it.

Yay, Sunday! And no Kennedy! And Ben IS Glory! And wow wasn't that just the greatest? Huzzah for Rowena, whoever she is!
Yep. Totally loved that. Makes me want to do another rewatch. It's been years for me at this point.
I usually do not like this kind of fanvids, or at best I might be mildly amused by the better ones. However, this one was really excellent, nice cuts, nicely fit 100 hours in 3 minutes while keeping so much good stuff in. Pretty damn impressive.
I'm just really glad that they included the clip of Buffy hitting Parker over the head with a club XD That gets me every time.
That was delightful and lots of fun. Thank you for posting it, william_pratt, and thanks to Rowena for making it.
Loved it. And how, even at that speed, do the major deaths still make something inside me die a little? Especially Joyce. Argh.
It's great, but has it seriously never been linked here before? The video is nearly three years old, and I know I've seen it many times before (I thought on youtube, but I can't find it there now).
NileQT87 have you tried looking on Ryan's imeem page - you could leave a msg about 'Float on' or I may even have it stashed somewhere....

Also this is a classic Buffy vid, the vidder Rowena made some other great vids too.
My first viewing. Loved it.

I'd say this should be a "teaser" to the Buffy "previews" we've also seen. Very cool.

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