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February 20 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon spills more Dollhouse secrets. And find out if he's really done with network tv.

No as it turns out. Good to hear.

How spoiler-y is this? Generally Joss himself doesn't give away things that he considers major spoilers, and I'd like to see what he has to say about these topics! AGH!
There's clips from episode 2 and Joss talks about a certain moment at the end of the episode. If you come back after watching the second episode tonight, you should be ok.
How are they able to make Cabin without studio notes? I don't understand that comment.
Thanks! I'll check it out then after the episode tonight.
How are they able to make Cabin without studio notes?

I took it to mean that there's no studio intererence i.e. you must target this demographic or make sure it's PG-13 etc.
Mary Parent convinced Tom Cruise to grant them immunity.
When are we gonna hear more CASTING updates for Cabin?

Shooting begins next month, so I assume they're close to finalizing the cast... right?
I love how Joss said "rare-ified" twice in that interview.
I love how Joss said "rare-ified" twice in that interview.

You mean rarified? He uses it correctly doesn't he?
I didn't mean I thought he used it improperly. Oops, though. Silly me, I thought it was a Joss-ism. I didn't realize rarified was a real word!
"rarefied" does sound quite Firefly-ish.
Cabin was sold on the condition 'here's the film, we're going into production, that's what we're gonna make', as I understand it. Which, by the way: excellent move. Stops another Goners, which ended up defining it's own title a little too well.

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I like this plan of no notes. I didn't realize that was even possible.
gossi is correct. Their condition for selling the film was that it get greenlit upon sale. No mucking about.
Mary Parent convinced Tom Cruise to grant them immunity.

Wasn't she also the person responsible for greenlighting "Serenity"? If so, we should build a shrine for her, because she seems like a true Joss-supporter and if she is able to bring more Whedonesque productions on screen, I'm all there.

I'm so excited about the end of the season. I haven't been blown away by the pilot and right now I'm even doubting that DOLLHOUSE will become one of my all-time-tv-favorites, BUT the excitement that Joss and his cast have for the end of the season gives me so much faith in that the show will be brilliant.

Hmm...maybe Joss shouldn't go out and say the ending of the season is good, because it once again builds high expectations. But then which sane person would go to the public and say his show sucks to avoid high expectations?
Gossi, b!X, since you both seem to be so in the know, do you know if Joss will be involved in the rest of the production of Cabin, or was his role played out when the script was written?
@Donnie: She's got Serenity made, yes. But she also bought Goners which then proceded to be studio note'd into limbo, where it remains.

@the Groosalugg: The premise was that he and Drew wrote the script, Drew would direct, and Joss would produce. I've not heard differently (although I've given up following the thing closely), although I did have a dream last night that Drew had dropped out of directing it.

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If so, we should build a shrine for her
That sounds like a Disney horror film: "The Parent Shrine"

I'm glad Joss used the words "pro bono". A reviewer complained about hiring an Active for a mid-wife, which struck me as odd too. This explains it.

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Thanks mucho.

On a side note, taped Eliza interview from NYC Fox news station available here.
I'm really liking the no-studio-interference-on-the-movie thing. That makes me really happy. Frankly, it's what someone of Joss' caliber deserves.
Okay this thread is really unfair to those of us who want to know if Joss is done with network TV but don't want Dollhouse spoilers :)
Let Down: I thought Simon's original post covered that. It gave the answer so that those of us who don't want spoilers don't have to die of curiosity.

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