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February 20 2009

Happy Birthday to Anthony Head! Our favorite watcher turns 55 today.

Happy Birthday Tony!!
Joss should give him a guest role on Dollhouse for his birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Joss should give him a guest role on Dollhouse for his birthday!

I'd consider that a birthday present for me.
What if Wesley is your favorite watcher?
I have recently become a huge fan of Anthony Head. I liked him in Buffy well enough, but Repo! The Genetic Opera and Free Agents have recently put me into the Anthony Head fandom camp.
Happy birthday Tony, and yay to the idea of giving him a guest role on Dollhouse as a birthday present to us him :-))

[good idea for a birthday present to Alexis Denisof, of course..]
Happy Birthday!
I just saw Repo! the Genetic Opera and it was amazing [despite Paris Hilton, why do people think she can sing and act?] But Anthony Head was really great in it!
Hope he got paid for the spleen he repo'd last week.
Ah well...I wasn't really using it anyway.
Happy Birthday Tony!
You're my favourite Watcher...and Repo Man.

(BTW, I thought Paris was perfect as the no-talent, bitchy, spoiled, wannabe-diva daughter in Repo.)
Happy Birthday, Anthony Head! You're so good with exposition I don't notice it's exposition! Plus: Revealed the inner badass in the librarian! And O your singing voice!
What if Wesley is your favorite watcher?

Then you should post next Wednesday ;)
I just saw Repo! the Genetic Opera and it was amazing [despite Paris Hilton, why do people think she can sing and act?]

Wasn't the idea of her role in Repo that her character couldn't sing or act?
The director said he was amazed by her, but he didn't say in what way. Maybe he was amazed at how bad she sang and acted and thought it would be perfect for the role. :)

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Happy Birthday ASH!
I watched Repo! because of him, and while I enjoyed the movie fine on its own, he was by far the high point.

And, of course, in Buffy.
Happy Birthday Tony! You are definitely my favourite watcher and librarian! Great singing voice too!
Happy 55th birthday Tony!
A pocket pair ! Here's hoping you flop at least a set ;).

Happy birthday Mr Anthony Stewart Head esq. and many more.
Happy birthday Mr. Head, all joy to you!
He's my favorite Doctor Who villain. And coffee commercial dude. And Frankenfurter. And my favorite ManChild. And my favorite Oliver Sampson from VR-5. And I bet he's gonna be my favorite Duncan from The Scottish Play. Ever. In the history of anything.

I bet he looks back on his days as a Watcher for that quaint little american television show with a fondness and a twinkle in his eye... as rarely as he can possibly get away with looking back at it.

Happy birthday Mister Head. May there be many more.

Now, with all that said, speaking on behalf of all fans of THE Anthony Stewart Head, we demand you get that RIPPER MOVIE started, or else we will all fly from all over the world, en masse, to your house, and simultaneously raid your ice box.
55? That's a speed limit, not an age!

He certainly doesn't look more than half a century.

Whenever I'm feeling blue, I pop in Music For Elevators or watch a couple episodes of "Manchild" or Giles-centric eppies like "Band Candy" or the giggle scene from "Grave."

I will forever treasure that weekend in '05, and the look on his face when I presented him with a custom Otto, complete with tack and show ribbons.

Happy birthday, Tony! May your warm voice, devilish grin and twinkling green eyes grace our televisions for years to come. (If NBC would ever get around to actually airing "Merlin"...grumblegrumble.)
Happy birthday! Many happy returns.
Double nickels!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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