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February 20 2009

(SPOILER) A taste of "The Target". If you canít wait for tonightís episode of Dollhouse, has a couple of sneaks peaks and trailers to satisfy your Dollhouse appetite for the time being.

Really? I hadn't seen these clips before...
I hadn't seen that last one.

ETA: Oh, ack, and it's a killer.

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Correction - I'm wrong.

Muhu. Roll on the reactions tonight. Deknight rocks.

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Three of those clips are completely new and two of the trailers also slightly differ from the previous ones. ;-)
Wow. I know I'm atypical, but the titillations of the episode's main plot don't interest me as much as does that last clip. I'm really liking Harry Lennix.
Boyd is easily the best initial character, because he;

- Dislikes what they're doing
- Dislikes himself for doing it
- Cares about Echo
- ...and Harry really sells it.

In short, it's emotional. He's emotional. This show needs emotion to bring the audience in. Not motorbikes.
Lennix can easily steal this series if Dushku's not careful. The character of Boyd is pathos personified, and Lennix is one powerful presence on screen. A quick glance at reveals the guy's got a resume that could choke a horse. I thought he looked familiar. He's one of those actors who you know you've seen before but can't quite place where, so he easily falls into that "Everyman" appeal in the mind's eye of an avid tv & movie fan. He's familiar and yet not, until you think about it.. The perfect casting choice for the show's conscience. It's like seeing a familiar uncle on screen.

I bet he'd play a mean awesome Kent in Lear, too.
ZachsMind, you read MY mind. I remember when I first saw that he was casted I said to myself, "Oh that guy... I know that guy.. he's GOOD!" Right now, he's the only character on the show that's reflecting the audience's emotions towards Dollhouse and Echo and I think that's why his character is resonating with so many people while the others characters are not.
More casual horror from the first episode would be lovely.
Is it bad that I think Topher's easily the best initial character because he loves what they're doing and loves himself for doing it?
Is it bad that I think Topher's easily the best initial character because he loves what they're doing and loves himself for doing it?

I don't think so. I think Topher's character is genius because he makes people so uncomfortable. Unfortunately a lot of people cannot reconcile storytelling with their own morality.


The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.

-Oscar Wilde
I think Topher's very interesting. A lot of what Topher said still has my brain whirring. That said, I'm not exactly drawn to him by sympathy or understanding. Yet.

But watching Boyd's urgency to save the day gave me a thrill during the show, and it gives me a thrill every time I re-watch his scenes. Topher's got my brain, but Boyd's got my heart. And I mean completely. It was only a few minutes in when I realized he was my new hero and sort of had a little panic, like wait! I don't even know who this guy is yet! Wait what, he's going to Adelle's office because he's the only one who can save the kid! GO BOYD GO.

Adelle's a whole other kind of fascinating. Her expressions and delivery of her lines just have layers and layers.

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I have a personal theory (speculation not spoilage) that some day we'll learn one or more of the Dollhouse crew (i.e, Topher, DeWitt, Claire, the 'nonactives' that work there) are actually artificial minds. Not "Actives" per se, but a fabricated persona designed specifically to fulfill a necessary role in the house. If I were a betting man, I'd say Boyd is that persona.

If so, he was placed under DeWitt's employ against her wishes by someone higher up her chain (probably to help keep her hypocritical conscience in check) and Topher doesn't know. Boyd's a prototype for a longer lasting operative that doesn't need regular 'treatments' for deep under cover assignments, and when that's discovered, EVERYONE's gonna be wondering whether or not they're The Real McCoy. Even and especially Topher - cuz he'll be completely fooled and he thinks he knows what to look for. However, Boyd's also an older design, so there'd have to be a jack in the base of his spine that... yes I gave up fanfic for lent.

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