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February 21 2009

(SPOILER) Press Release for Dollhouse 1x05 "True Believer". Tim Minear's first Dollhouse-episode has a synopsis and guest stars. Promotional photos for this ep can be found here.

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Angus Sutherland. I hope he was better to work with than his father.
Isn't "True believer" supposed to be the sixth episode ?
Nico-Angel, it got moved to episode 5. Episode 6 is now "Man On The Street", a really important episode they've placed against the last ever episode of Battlestar (?!?!?!).

Also, Brian Bloom is a reoccuring from Tim Minear's Drive. The bad dude Fillion kept beating up.
Doesn't Battlestar air an hour later than Dollhouse? Or is it a two-hour finale that starts early?
So is it this episode then or "Man on the Street" that's the infamous "sixth episode" that various people have said really kicks the season into high gear?
"Man on the Street" is episode six and it will probably air March 20 against the finale of BSG. And yes, this is the much applauded sixth episode that kicks the show into high gear. It was written by Our Jossness.

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