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February 21 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 2 online. It's that watch'n'rate time of the week, should you feel in the mood to see Topher get his gun lust on.

I'm downloading it on iTunes right now. Also watched on Hulu and rated it five stars.
I'm not sure we need a heads about this anymore.
What's Dollhouse ?
I dunno, we get a lot of traffic and not everybody is as clued in as regular posters are. It may be good to have the link to Hulu up after the show airs, that way Whedonesque can do its bit to support the show.
The only part of Dollhouse I don't care for is Topher, but since this is Joss I expect this character to get least I am hoping so. Loved last nights ep.
It is, of course, a painful reminder for all of us who can't download it from iTunes or watch it on Hulu but I'm willing to suck it up for the good of the show. ;-)
Lioness: Dial-up, huh? Just got out of that nightmare myself.
I think Lioness is in Canada, so can't watch on Hulu.
I for one was happy when Whedonesque had a link to Hulu for Dollhouse. I just switched from dialup 2 months ago and didn't know about Hulu until I came to Whedonesque and used the link to view Dollhouse ep 1.
Favour - anybody got the iTunes and Amazon links for ep 2?
Well, I can't watch TV, period - local stations switched to digital on the 17th, but my rabbit ears are too weak to pick up the signal, even with the converter box.

But even if I could, I wouldn't have been able to see it, because our local FOX was dumb enough NOT to get their antenna up & running. So they are currently off the air.

And, being on dial-up, I can't watch ANYTHING online. Hopefully I can "borrow" Mom's computer tomorrow when I go over to do laundry. (Had FOX been airing, she wouldn't have been able to tape Dollhouse for me because she doesn't have a converter for the VCR.)

I vote for the addition of Hulu links each week. Even if it helps a few people find it, and they tell their friends... It could help spread the fire, I think. And since those ratings do count for the show (as far as I understand), I say good for us if we can give it a boost!

Just my (very humble) opinion, though. :)
I vote for hulu links - it's nice to have the reminder even if we are jacked in.

Yes... yes... I used a cheesy quote.

(and I have a mega crush on Topher).
I am in favor of the Hulu links to remind people to go and stream and rate it.
Chiming in with: Lots of folks are still new to Hulu.
I vote for links to hulu because brains are more delicious when they are mushy. Uh... I mean because it helps promote the show.
I watched on Fox HD today, and it sure was pretty:
Um...I'm still a little new to Hulu. I watched episode 1 about five times and episode 2 just this morning, but I didn't do anything about ratings. Does it still count with FOX if I just watch it, and is it the ratings or the number of viewings that gets it into the top ten reel?
heinouslizard, FOX don't really care about the Hulu 'ratings', that just helps other people on Hulu check it out. FOX care about viewers. So if you're watching, you're helping.
Thanks, gossi. I'm always worried that my techno-reticence will make me a bad fan. But I'm watching as it airs, so I guess that means I'm the right sort. I'm even 18-49!
I'm wondering which Fox actually cares more about: Hulu or

Presumably Hulu both indicates an interested potential audience and ALSO makes them a little money, while makes them no money, but still indicates potential audience. So, I would think Hulu, but maybe they think that the audience is more likely to tune in on TV?
What's Dollhouse?

Saje, if you can't remember it there's nothing to worry about. Maybe you'd like to go for a swim.
LoL barboo. Yeah, Saje was hired this past weekend to do my chores. Sorry about that.

I didn't realize our votes counted on Whedonesque. ;) That said, I prefer Hulu over Their website to view shows can be horrid at times (like the Joss-verse videos). But I may play it on to cover my bases.

And, gossi, I have NOT gotten my reminder from Amazon (even though I did receive one from Episode 1). Downloaded from iTunes though. Shiny. :)

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