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February 21 2009

Magic Newswire audio interview with Neil Patrick Harris. Neil chats to MNW about everything from his love of magic and role as a member of the Board of Directors of the Magic Castle to Dr. Horrible. The interview is just under an hour long and makes a fascinating listen. On the subject of NPH, he's nominated in the A-List Television Actor category at Bravo's 2009 A-List awards.

By the way, did anyone notice NPH sitting next to Ted Danson in the audience at American Idol the other night? I can't figure out the connection, and it didn't seem as if Neil was there to promote the DHSB DVD or anything else.
I can't get this to play and any of the other choices in the drop down menu just sit there. Anyone else have a problem?
I have the same problem, Lioness.
It worked fine for me - the direct link to the MP3, though, is here.
Apparently a lot of people were having problems, its been reuploaded now so you should be able to listen to it :)

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